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Empress #1 - Special Millarworld retailer variant


I don’t think this has ever been done before and it’s a great idea by a pal of mine at Diamond UK.

We’re going to be releasing an EXCLUSIVE Skottie Young cover for Empress #1, but it’s only going to be available to comic-book retailers registered on the Millarworld forums here on our secret VIP site.

This could end up ultra-exclusive and a nice perk for our members. Note: This comic absolutely won’t be available to order for anyone not registered and we’re going to triple check this at FOC :slight_smile:

If your store is not a member already and you want to join just post below. Later today I’ll edit this thread with the Diamond code for that particular issue.



Awesome plan!


Sounds great, how are us “non-retailers” going to know where to get it? Some of us have developed the silly habit of collecting Millarworld variants, seems like this will be a “must have”. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Graham Cracker is one of the VIP retailers. They’re Jim’s local too. So you should be covered. They also have an online store once you move.


The best thing to do I guess is pre-order at your store and explain to retailer where they have to join to get one.

These will be very cool and exclusive. Best of all, just normal price. Pre order to avoid getting ripped off :slightly_smiling:



Will there be more than one available at VIP retailers? I don’t want to have to arm-wrestle O’Hara for it! :wink:


We’d all be highly amused to see that though, think about your public! :smile:


Ah I won’t wrestle. It’s all yours buddy, I’ll just pester Millar for the original art!! I’m sure stores will order plenty and John will have lots available in store. Let me know when you’re next shooting through town, we’ll grab a beer at the bar next door.