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***Empress #1 by Millar & Immonen***


Okay, there’s a lot of big surprises we’re going to be rolling out on this as of January and the first will be where this book first appears. I’m going to increase the size of Huck #3 (still keeping at regular price) and have 14 extra pages of preview material for Empress, featuring six lettered, coloured pages from issue 1 plus preview pages of upcoming issues, character designs, interviews with Stuart and so on. It’s going to be an EXTRAVAGANZA and I’ve purposely not put this in Previews so there can be a mad rush for it when it comes out, the orders being likely no different to the regular Huck orders. Speculators will go nuts over this because the book (and subsequent movie) we suspect is going to go very big and this will technically be the first appearance of these characters in print.

Ye have all been warned :smile:

Another big announcement on the series same week. Nothing to do with the movie yet. I’m talking about the book itself, two huge details which we’ve been keeping secret but which will please you all enormously. What could they be???

PS to Retailers: Millarworld has a super-secret VIP retailers forum which you can have an access code for provided you post us details of your shop. Next week I’m going to post up some of Stuart’s unbelievably beautiful black and white pages. You can see why Marvel snagged him for Star Wars, their biggest title. The guy is a genius.

I am so, so pleased to have stolen him…


I can’t wait, loved #1 and went straight to pre-order the rest I could :slight_smile:


Really cant wait for this love everything you guys have been doing at Millarworld from this and the Millarworld exhibit to the slipcase you announced . Great stuff cant imagine the work that goes into all this.


Loving Huck already, on my pull list, and now really can’t wait for #3 to see what you’re doing with Empress (which I would have bought anyway) Roll on January :grinning:


That’s how you start 2016!!!


Extra Huck for the same price!? Quality and quantity…ladies, Mark Millar says you can have both! :wink:


I am excited,but when a comic gets too big and they don’t put a spine on it,it rips the corners very easily :frowning: .


I think Matthew is our ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. :smile:


No,I didn’t mean to be a downer. I am really stoked, but I also like my comics in nice condition when I get them. Maybe it’s a retailer issue.


Don’t worry Matthew, I was just teasing.


Really happy you kidnapped him for this series, can’t wait to see what you guys cook up.


Cannot wait for more Huck, really really enjoyed #1.