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Empress #1 by Millar & Immonen - Exclusive preview next week!


Get in there!

Huck #3 is extra-sized at no extra cost for a 14 page preview of Empress #1. This is the book I stole Star Wars superstar Stuart Immonen to bring to life and By Satan’s Beard he is doing so beautifully.

This is the big one, people. And for those who hate to give us royalties via Huck most of this preview will be available online from a big media website on Monday night. Full details Monday morning.




Mark Millar & Stuart Immonen…yes please!!!


Cain’t spell “Stuart” widdout “Art”!


Immonen is so amazing. This will be brilliant.


Like getting Huck #3 wasn’t exciting enough already! :slight_smile:


Empress #1 is amazing. You’re all going to love it.