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Emma Watson is older than Margot Robbie???


What the actual f–k?

I feel slightly ashamed now. 2 months older. Both born in 1990!



i just feel old… :frowning:


Y’all are pups!

I just received my 25-year service award at the city I work for!


Both are the same age as me! Too bad I’m married otherwise, I’d have two restraining orders right now.


I have a niece their age.


I look wayyyy younger than both of them.


I’m actually two years older than Margot and I look like I could be her little brother :slight_smile:


Emma is known for playing a kid. Margot is known for playing a sexy nutcase. Context screws with your perception


Ah, that’s nothing. Surely we’re all old enough to have felt that rush of shame watching Black Swan and realising that one of the girls in that sex scene is actually that little girl from The Professional?


My son was born in 1990. My daughter is two years older.

Yeah, I’m old…


What a bunch of perverts. Y’all need Jesus.


I am born in 1989 and I always thought that Margot is older than me. I mean, she played in Wolf of Wolf Street and Suicide Squad. Guess I forgot I am not young anymore :slight_smile:


Emma Watson do have a note youthful look, and Margot a more womanly look. It happens.


Shut up, of course we’re still young!


I feel old…

Help me.


Also, seeing Margot completely naked in “Wolf of Wall Street” makes her seem more womanly than Emma.


Have you fallen and can’t get up?


Well, not completely naked. She had on stockings and high heels.


Margot is now married btw, so…


It’s a celebrity marriage… >:)