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Elevator Pitch for series called '#NOTMYHERO'


Not my Hero by Gary J. Robinson - Pitch

Outline: A series that ties in racism, Trump’s America and Golden Age Superheroes.

Setting: Primarily Modern day America, with occasional scenes from UK.

Premise: When an aging superhero makes some seemingly racist and out of date comments at a charity ball, he is hunted by the press and campaign groups. Many of his metahuman peers back the hero, despite a media backlash and a growing #NOTMYHERO campaign on social media.

But what will happen when the President is asked to condemn a man who has literally saved the world a dozen times, with war brewing and enhanced Terrorists on America’s doorstep?

Cover: Angry placard-waving protesters campaign to take down a statue of a cape-wearing smiling superhero clash with those who wish to keep it. The would-be statue-topplers wear t-shirts and have banners that say #NOTMYHERO.


In comics, we have the phenomenon/trope of heroes who have lived far longer than the normal lifespan - either via suspended animation such as Captain America, or a healing factor a la Wolverine. But it stands to reason that these essentially human characters are product of their time. Their language, views on equality, race and gender will to some degree reflect the views of their time. How will modern America treat these demi-gods who are essentially noble and self-sacrificing, but many would argue - out of touch?

I think this would make a good multi-part Netflix series? Feedback welcome, especially from @mrmarkmillar


Wow, very interesting plot. I see it as a critique to the “politically correct” exaggerated people. Of course, no one should be insulted due to ethnics or gender or things like that, but people is taking that to an extreme point. Or at least, that’s my opinion.
However, the point where you ask about a Netflix series it’s kind of…Well, I think that if you want to arrive far, it’s better, and I’m no one to talk, but I think you are having some kind of delusions of grandeur.


115 views and one reply. Thanks guys. Really appreciated.


It sounds like an interesting idea. Are you making a statement on how heroes are flawed, that older folks may unwittingly make insensitive statements or that people need to no be so sensitive?


Sounds like a good story to me, but just be careful with the parallels with reality, so your message don’t get interpreted the wrong way. I mean, if your story portrays people wanting to tear down the statue just as “oversensitive” and people wanting to keep the symbol as “reasonable”, this may not sound good comparing with what we have in our minds right now when we think in people wanting to take down statues, people wanting to keep the statues and their reasons. It’s a complex subject, it would be bad if you just oversimplifies everything.

I also think that you would have to stretch a little the narrative to make this a multi-part Netflix series. Sounds more like a good one movie or one comic book story to me. I would not give a chance to this story if I knew that it drags along 3 seasons.

Just my opinion, tho.


Interesting high-concept. Just make sure both sides have a certain balance.


I disagree with a need for balance. If that’s not what the story he wants to tell he shouldn’t have to worry about that.


Agree. I think the balance would be nice to reach a broader audience and not to make a simplistic story.

But this story can exist, be good and find it’s audience even if choose a side.


All three. :sunglasses:


So, how many scripts do you have written?


Love this. Really, really intriguing premise. Get an artist on board and see what comes of it?


Wonder whatever happened with this pitch.


Person with a grand total of five posts on the board (including these) solicits help with his work, particularly from Mark Millar, and complains when he’s not answered within a couple of days?

I find it hard to imagine he managed to push this pitch any further forward. But maybe that’s just me being cynical.