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Editing Miracleman


I can’t remember the details of how I bought them but the Miracleman HCs aren’t big oversized fancy jobs, they’re pretty basic TPBs-with-a-hard-cover. I meant that I would happily have paid the same price or more for half the material (ie. just the stories and not all the padded bonus material) in a nice single prestigious hardcover (like they do for their big high-profile books), rather than the three slightly iffy individual releases.

I’m not sure what the RRPs were for the individual HCs but I can see lots on sale at dirt-cheap prices from many sellers at the moment, which suggests it wasn’t a particularly successful release and they aren’t particularly in demand. Which, given that this is classic material, points to it being a bit of a bodged release, and maybe not the success Marvel were hoping for (although as Simon said, that’s probably partly down to Moore taking his name off them).

Incomplete Stories
Incomplete Stories

Even more reason to fight for the Gaiman stuff - at least get one name on the cover.

I read it as CBR files over a decade ago, but I’d love an actual legitimate collection of the Moore run.


Didn’t they edit and censor some parts of Miracleman anyway? The idea of that puts me off, especially when the changes aren’t decisions being made by the original creators.


They did two versions. A PG one and the normal one.

The whole exercise seemed pointless to me because of where the story goes. They added underwear onto a naked Liz in the first issue but I have no idea what they did when they got to the birth issue.


Why do I get the feeling the only change to the London issue is that they covered up the breasts on the dead naked people…


Regardless of the ‘PG’ version, there were some pages that were slightly altered even for the adult version. A couple of derogatory racist and homophobic pejoratives were altered or censored, for example.

A shame as it somewhat neuters the impact of those pages.


Here are a couple of examples.


Marvel reprint:



Obviously the meaning is still there but somehow the censoring robs the scene of some of its impact. I wouldn’t imagine Moore would be happy with the change, but then I doubt he knows about it.


Blanking out part of the word like that is just stupid. Either leave it in place or replace it completely.


Take the Quantum and Woody approach and exchange it with the word “noogies”…

But wow, I wasn’t aware that Miracleman had been sanitized like that.


It just seems to run counter to the spirit of restoring and reprinting the material.

There are other aesthetic choices that I don’t agree with (such as some of the new colouring choices, which have occasionally recast the feel of a page quite dramatically), but mostly those choices seem to have at least been taken as an attempt to improve the presentation of the work, even if I don’t agree with them.

But altering the text in that way seems completely at odds with the whole idea of Marvel obtaining and reprinting such a groundbreaking work in the first place. Why take the book and mess around with it like that? It shows a lack of confidence in (or perhaps understanding of) the material.


An 80s work by Alan Moore? Misunderstood? As if such a thing could happen!


Yes, I have the version with the N----- replacement, but it still has plenty of naked Liz.


Naked Liz was always fairly subtle, side on shots with shadows in place.

I still have no idea if they did a PG version of issue 9 where I can’t imagine where you begin to censor it.


As far as I can tell from a quick bit of research, ‘PG’ versions were only released for the first four issues (by Marvel’s new numbering).

Issue #9 was where Marvel’s numbering synched back up with the original numbering, so well after they stopped the edited versions.


It sounds like the PG versions were only done in an effort to stop Apple pulling the material from the ios version of the Marvel app, like they did for Sex Criminals.
If that is the reason, then it seems even more stupid.


I haven’t read it, but my initial thought is to it in total darkness, like the Alpha Flight snowstorm issue.

No takers? Okay…fine. :roll_eyes:


Nah, they clearly put panties on the baby’s face for #9


They replaced the whole sequence with this single image:


The stupidest thing seems to be what Dave said, that they couldn’t sustain it past 4 issues. So you have a PG version as long as you don’t want to read any further.

It was the question I asked as soon as they announced it because in those initial issues you get a shadowy glimpse of the side of Liz’s boobs. In issue 9 you get a close-up of her genitalia as she gives birth. It seems a completely pointless exercise and since they had all the material in advance I can’t understand the thinking.


Usually a pretty good rule of thumb.