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Edinburgh Comic Con ......Anyone going?


Hi there I was wondering if any Millarworlders were attending on Saturday or Sunday?


I’m not but Devolution Comics, who are a indie comic publisher based here in Aberdeen are going.


Cool I’ll have a look out for them!


They’re going to be at A29 in artists alley, from what their FB page says.


I’m helping out so I’ll be there :slight_smile: I’ll be helping out with the talks etc on Saturday in normal clothes, then cosplaying as Rogue on the Sunday


Cool I’ll keep my eye out for you. Hope it goes smoothly at the new venue. I’ll definitely be trying to catch a talk or two.


I’d like to go along but I’m away down to watch Leicester v Southampton on Sunday and stopping at my step dads in Newcastle on the Sat night.

I’m hoping to make Glasgow though.


Sounds like a good weekend mate. Hope the games a cracker.


Yeah, fingers crossed.

I’m taking my step dad and my brother for hospitality for their birthdays, so I just hope I don’t jinx Leicester for the league!


Enjoy the match. It has been a brilliant season for Leicester.


Cheers. Sure has. Good luck to them, I think most neutrals like myself will be willing them on.


My English team is Manchester United but for quite a while I’ve been willing them on. I really do hope they win it.


I’m Leicester-born and I’ve suddenly rediscovered my interest in football this season. :slight_smile:

Seriously, while I can’t claim to be a true fan (just a default supporter) I think it would be such a great thing for everyone back at home if they managed it.


Yeah I’ve seen a lot of stuff online and if they do it I’m sure there will be cheers and tears from Leicester fans of all ages not to mention the knock on effect for the area as well.


Doing my usual rush around getting ready for the con and I’ve realised I only have two things I want signed. That’s an all time low!


What are you taking to get signed?


Manhatten projects from Nick and a variant by Burnham.


I’ve actually done none of that so far and I’m at Lebowski’s up the road having a pint lol


Haha. Priorities right!


Though @AikiSaul is doing a grand job at the panels! Watching her work made me thirsty :wink: