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Eddy Lyle's sequential art


Hi, I’m new to the forums.

I like to share my sequential work and have it critiqued. The first pages that I am posting are from my submission for the Millarworld annual.

The pages feature a steam punk themed scenario. In my experience, steam punk stuff tends to have a Victorian/mid to late 19th century aesthetic. I prefer a Georgian/18th century aesthetic, so I went with that, let me know what you think:

You can see some more of my work at


There might be too much black in the top few panels, although coloring may prove me wrong. Also, I know it is depicting chaos, but there is no character to attach to. That may not be a problem, as much as a preference of mine, as I prefer character over story.

On the positive side, they look great. They are easy to follow. You really create the overwhelming sense of chaos of war, without getting lost in what is going on. You can feel the soundtrack and sound effects through the art by itself.


P.S. Also really liked some of your stuff over on your deviantart site.


I like your work a lot. With the right colorist this style could really sing. Sure, It is very heavy on blacks, but it reminds me of german expressionism working with wood/lino cut or like those scratch boards. They basically carved whites out of black and got some amazingly dark and eerie things going. You might want to check it out if you’re not familiar.

Overall good storytelling. On Page 3 it feels like you’re giving up a bit too much space to the cloud of smoke at top. I almost feel like we’re missing out on a wide panel up there that could move the story forward more, whether it be a closeup with dialog, reaction, atmosphere shot etc etc.

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Very very bold style you’ve got here. Really stands out. Where did the steampunk battle come from? Is it from a script for another project? It reminds me a lot of the battle scenes in Nikolai Dante.


Hey guys, thank you for the feed back.


I like to use a lot of black but I think you could have a point, about me going a little overboard. I’ll continue to strive for a balanced contrast. It was my plan to present the white jacketed officer (male character with wig, orders the cannon to fire) and the eye patched lady as the ‘hero’ characters of these pages but I guess I failed, I should have done more to make them stand out. Thank you for checking out my DA site.


I’ve had a few other people make the wood cut comparison. I was looking at a lot Cam Kennedy and Mike McMahon black and white work and I think maybe they were going for a wood cut look. Yes I’ve heard of German expressionism, haven’t studied it in a while but your comments make me want to check it out again:)

I agree that the top of page 3 could have been put to better use, at the time I wanted to create a splash image that was all about scale and spectacle. I was afraid that having a panel precede it would take away from the spectacle.


It was just a little 3 page scenario (no written script) that I dreamed up as a try out for an indie job. I liked the concept but I was disappointed with the original pages (and I didn’t get the job). I redesigned and redrew the scenario for the Millarworld annual submissions. 18th century stuff is just the thing I like to draw when I am drawing for myself/my own projects.

John M Burns’ work on Nikolai Dante was a big influence on me for this, particularly the war stuff. It is the kind of thing I would like to do more of, whenever I get the chance.

Thanks again, for the feedback, guys:)


Eddy, specifically what genre would you like to do?
Please email me at


Honestly, I’m not really sure what is happening in the first three panels. I think some sort of Trojan horse/tank is driving past hidden soldiers who attack it from behind?
That said, I like the style. I also appreciate the Georgian aesthetic, and the willingness to go beyond the Steampunk norms. It’s a great era for costumes and wigs and weaponry. As an artist, it is good to push those boundaries, otherwise your art and the medium won’t grow.


Yes, that is what’s meant to be happening in the first three panels. However other people have expressed similar confusion with it, so I should have been clearer with my story telling.

I am glad that you like the style of my work, thank you for the feedback:)


No prob! Thank you for posting your work.


I am hoping to post more sequential work very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few sketches, that I did in between finishing sequential stuff: