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The biggest fad in TV at the moment is revivals of long dead shows, picking up where they left off or even diverging from before the end.

All of which comics did about ten years ago now when it had its own revival fad, a mixed bag that gave us titles like X-Men Forever, Transformers Regeneration One and the revived Larry Hama GI Joe. Comics is nothing if not keen to regurgitate itself and copy TV. So let’s revive the revival fad!

What old comic series or run do you want to see brought back to life? It has to be a continuation of a series/run, not a reboot or remake, but whether it brings back any/all of the original creators is up to you.

For me, it would be Doug Murray’s run of [b{The Nam[/b]. The original conceit for the series was that it followed one unit in real time, from 1966 to the end of the war. Unfortunately, when it got to around ‘69, a new editor came on, ditched the real time element, edged out Murray and moved the book away from its regular cast to a Commando-esque two-fisted anthology series (even including a Punisher cross-over).

So I’d get back Doug Murray (who is getting on a bit but still writing, I think) and series artist Wayne Vansant and pick up where the series abandoned the 23rd infantry, seeing out the rest of the war with them in real time again.


Good idea.

I’d love to have seen Alan Moore & Ian Gibson continue Halo Jones as planned.


A revival of Revival would get me excited.

I’d love to see Morning Glories get going again.

It won’t be possible (rip Steve) but a sequel to Preacher would get my heart skipping a beat, although it would not be popular.

I’d love to see Ennis and McCrea bring back Hitman some how.

Nemesis the Warlock would be a welcome return as well.

I’d love to see another L.E.G.I.O.N. Series, but written by Grant and illustrated by Kitson.

Still waiting on that third Seaguy mini series


I’d like to see the ending of Steampunk, by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo.

The return of Peter David’s Fallen Angel.

Alan Moore and Steve Skroce’s Youngblood.

Joe Casey’s Wildcats 3.0.


James Robinson and Paul Smith on Leave it to Chance. More Ellis/Templesmith Fell. Nocenti and Adams on ba solo Longshot series.


Dragons Claws. I’d revamp it, set it in the mid 21 st century rather than way in the future. Earth getting hotter, humanity going to hell, global sports being the most popular thing and a gladiator type bloodsport being the biggest game of all. I think it could become a pretty popular idea to be honest, you could easily frame it as a TV show or movie. Furman even called it Rollerball mixed with Warriors mixed with 2000AD. Movies have been green lit on less.

I’d also revamp Zoids. Another great concept (Earth prison ship crashes on a planet populated with robots fighting an eternal war). Could be TV or movie and honestly the original story doesn’t need changed much to fit today’s marketplace.


I’ve been harping on about a proper GI Joe revamp for years, it’s perfect for today’s politics - I’d make cobra an antifa style worldwide terrorist outfit led by a conman basically out for power and money.


Blood Syndicate would be perfect, given the current climate surrounding the police. You could easily make the Syndicate BLM activists rather than gang members (even though some people don’t see the difference).


James Robinson, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti on Ash. Started great and then just disappeared. Was going to have a crossover with the brilliant Leave It To Chance too.


Planetary with the original crew.


I think I’m about to get the revival I want: The Authority with Warren Ellis.


That would be a reboot though, not a revival (which GI Joe has with IDW’s Hama series).


You just described the Trump administration.


Was that not a continuation?

Crap. I thought we were doing rivivals in general including remakes.

In that case the Marvel UK lines. Motormouth, Digitek, Warheads, Death’s Head, Dark Angel… Everything other than Knights of Pendragon.



To be fair, Cobra Commander’s actual origin seems like it could very well be Trump’s future.

Personality fits, too.

Dangerously destabilized, Cobra Commander’s persona runs the gamut from friendly charismatic, to terrifyingly sociopathic. His charm can twist intentions and morals, so that his rhetoric actually reads as plausible and relatable to his minions. Psychoanalysts who have studied his case files, have described him as an ingenious hustler with visions of grandeur, which makes him all the more dangerous. Most dictators are hampered by pretending to pursue a noble cause, but Cobra Commander does not have that problem. He hopes to fray the fabric of society, using terrorism, tyranny, and economic slavery, to uproot the existing power structures across the globe.[3]

The character was created by Marvel Comicswriter Larry Hama, who envisioned the character as “being in love with the sound of his own voice,” and drew inspiration from famous conservative pundit William F. Buckley.[4]

Plus Cobra Commander also got out of going Vietnam.


Actually, the one Marvel UK book I would love to see again is the original version of Knights of Pendragon, with Captain Britain and Dai Thomas and Kate McClennan. That was a great series.


I’d love for Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso (and various other artists) to continue their Cobra comics. I’d love for more Antony Johnston/Christopher Mitten Wasteland. I’d love more Dean Motter Mister X (a project that has been revived before, most recently at Dark Horse). Gaiman has technically revived Sandman a few times, but never as an ongoing series. Even if readers weren’t that interested in the New 52 Shade (which I loved), James Robinson ought to return to Starman at some point.


I think it had a lot of potential but squandered it somewhat - I will maybe have another read at it though because I was pretty young, I think some elements felt boring to me, but based on your post that my have just been because of my age.


Definitely seconding Wildcats 3.0, Halo Jones and Dragon’s Claws (plus, Death’s Head in 8162). Id also love to see Alan moore and Gene Ha do more Top Ten, And the wait for the conclusion to Gaiman and Buckingham’s Miracleman is like the world’s biggest pregnant pause.

And for the love of Bob, Appleseed by Masamune Shirow. I know it’s never going to happen, but I can dream.


I enjoyed that a lot too, couldn’t really get into the follow up one with the actual knights in armour stuff.

I remember it was a little lecturing on the environmental message but not enough to be overbearing (not that I disagree with the message just that fiction is better with stuff like that in subtext).