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Draw each other


Here’s something that I’ve been thinking of starting here for awhile.
Post a pic of yourself and anyone here can draw it. It’s that simple.
Ask permission before reposting pics or drawings.
I’ll start.


I’d post a picture of me…but I get the feeling @markabnett’s response would just be a drawing of a giant penis saying it’s me! :joy:


Done. Marvel at my glory.





challenge accepted.

You know I’m going to take the high road this time and avoid being banned from the board :stuck_out_tongue:


Go for it!


I would post but everyone’s facial hair is so much more spectacular than mine…

I have beard envy!


Well, my wonderfully talented artist friend Jenny from twitter drew this!


Ooh that’s so good you are going to have to pay for it now. :smile:


Pay…friends don’t charge friends…it was posted to me before I even knew about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah but the cartoon one is accurate but slightly more handsome. That has to be worth a tip at least. :smile:


I say she owns your likeness for perpetuity

Your wife owns your soul!


But my talent as a writer belongs to MillarWorld…think you guys got a raw deal here