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Draw a pin up for Cordelia Swift trade?


Hello you lot,

Gonna be releasing #3&4 of Cordelia Swift in the next few weeks, so I’m starting to think about doing a Vol 1 trade paper back towards the end of the year.
But I wanna give people a little bit more for their buck…
A few of my Twitter buddies have kindly said they would do a pin ups for the back of the book, so I thought I’d ask you lot if anyone wants to do one too?
If you do, let me know.
The more the merrier!




That sounds like a really cool opportunity (I hasten to add that I don’t draw).


You know what, buddy!
You guys have all been sooooo supportive of me, if you want to have a go, I’d stick it in…I don’t care if it looks like a 3year old has done it…it’s going in.


I love Cordelia !! So, of course I am in!!


Thought you might want to do the cover for the trade, if you want?
You’re my go to artist!!!

Oh, you can just do a pin up if you want, whatever you want! :blush:


If you think I am good enough to the cover, of course!! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, because you aren’t good enough?! :roll_eyes:


All I’m saying is the caliber of artists that have said they will draw a pin up, is WOW!


I might just try something. It might not be up to the 3 year olds drawing standard you have set though!


Mate, you do it and I’ll stick it in!


I’ll stick it in!

Words I have longed to hear!


I’ll just quietly leave myself out…Leave you two alone :wink:


No no no, stay…I like an audience.

This just got weird…


Story of your life Matt :wink:


last call, ladies and gents…
I got a couple of spots left…two actually! :smiley:


I believe that tea tree oil is good for that. They will clear right up :wink:


nah, it drys my skin out! :wink:


This sounds awesome!


do one and i’ll stick it in!


What’s your time frame looking like? I might be able to squeeze something in.