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Dr Strange trailer chat-back


Marvel Studios entering the risky phase. As in the characters nobody outside of our gang has actually heard of. But they’ve got some great goodwill both from their own movies and the movies at Fox and Sony so people trust the Marvel brand and this hopefully carries over. Cumberbatch may or may not be able to carry a huge movie, but he’s in good hands with Scott Derrickson, whom I really like. Really love that gag at the end of the trailer. That’s my fave part out of all the Comicon previews. If this works they’ll be fine for their other less known characters:


I loves it.

I think itll do acceptable numbers but I want it to CRUSH ALL MOVIES IN ITS PATH!!!


The trailer was weird in a cool way. I enjoyed watching it. Although, I don’t know that much about Doc Strange. I think it will do good. :smile:


I thought the use of effects were a bit overwhelming…although this might play very differently on a bit screen. I love Doctor Strange and can see nothing not to like in there.


I’m hoping to be overwhelmed! :slight_smile:

If there’s ever a movie where Marvel can feel justified in going a bit overboard with crazy visual effects, I think it’s Doctor Strange. It’ll be interesting to see if they push things anywhere near as out-there and abstract as that early Ditko stuff.


True. You have a point there. It would be interesting to see if they will go for full on Ditko weirdness. I hope they do.

I hasten to add that nothing is going to stop me seeing this movie.



I have been looking forward to this movie since Marvel Studios first announced they were making movies of their characters.

If it sucks, I’m going to burn the world to a cinder.


Be calm Tim. Be calm.

Think about puppies. :slight_smile:


… Iljustovepuppiessofreakingmuch! :heart_eyes:


I don’t think the puppies will be needed. The film looks good, hopefully very good!


I like the new poster too. It’s like an Escher.



Just watched this and I think it looks great, definitely looking forward to it now.

They’ve somehow pulled off something that could have come from the panels of Dr Strange comic whilst adding the necessary real world tweaks to it.

Very impressed, I’m sold.


I initially had no interest in a Doctor Strange film especially with Benedict Cumberbatch starring. He just doesn’t do anything for me. However, this look pretty great. My only reticence is that I hope they introduce some special effects for the magic in this film and don’t just use a hodgepodge of effects from other films.


I am genuinely looking forward to this film. This could be the rare film where the 3D works well.


There have been some shots that have shown some slightly more original magic effects for Strange:

Although even then they don’t look a million miles away from stuff we’ve seen in previous films (even Marvel films).


I never considered 3D and I think you could be absolutely right.


It’s going to be every fucking shade of amazing.
The cast is awesome. The visual treatment looks on point.
The Lego set is the shit.
It’ll definitely be better than any Gambit movie.
And as long as it’s better than this (which is already better than any Gambit movie), we’ll be ok…


Who is this awful person?


It feels like they got new special effect software and they turned on all the options up to 11. After a certain point I think a) it takes you out of the movie because the effects are just a little too much and b) I think it’ll give folks headaches. Magic plays best I think when it’s small (like Harry Potter), not huge. But we’ll see.

If that trailer didn’t have that wi-fi joke it would have felt pretty different. Glad that joke landed, but I remain cautious about this movie. I don’t know if confused/scared Cumberbatch will be a watchable characte. Dr Strange is the kind of character who could break the Marvel universe so I’m interested to see how they fit it all together.