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Dr Doom - Definitive Stories/Books


A friend of mine is really into Dr Doom and wants to increase his knowledge of the character.

What books/stories would people recommend which would give him the definitive Dr Doom experience.

He already has Books of Doom and is hoping there is more of that sort of thing available.


Secret Wars has lots of great Doom bits, but it’s not a Doctor Doom story as such for a lot of the time.

I guess the obvious place to start is the original Doom stories from the Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four.

After that, the John Byrne story revolving around Doom and Latveria is a pretty good one (I forget exactly which issues it is - a quick Google suggests #246-247).

I know “Unthinkable” from the Waid/Wieringo run has a lot of fans, although it’s been a long time since I read it.

I also liked the Doom story from MM’s Ultimate Fantastic Four run (I think it’s his final three-issue arc, but it pulls together a lot of pieces from his earlier arcs too), and the “Masters of Doom” story from the Millar/Hitch run on the regular FF title is a lot of fun too.


Books of Doom by Brubaker. It’s a great book that really dives into the character.


I think that’s the one Chris said he already has. I agree it’s a good read though.


I remember liking the Chuck Dixon/Leonardo Manco Doom series. It is basically Doom in a Mad Max type world.

Anything Waid/Wieringo. And I loved the Hickman Secret Wars, although how that translates without the buildup of several years of Avengers books, I couldn’t say.





Anything Byrne Doom, from the “This Land is Mine” arc David mentioned above to all the Kristoff stuff that came later. That’s the good stuff.

#2 The Simonson fight through time is still one of the greatest ever.

#1 However obviously the Lee/Kirby arc where he steals the Surfer’s board is peak Doom. Accept no other answer.



Is that his origin re-telling? I may have to check that out if it’s in trade.


Thank you everyone, I have passed on the recommendations you have all given so far.

Has anyone read Doom 2099?


I have a feeling the physical collections of that series are out of print (and tend to command silly prices), but you can get it fairly cheap on Comixology.


Nope. I remember that Warren Ellis wrote that for a time and took it in his own directions (Doom became a misanthropic chain smoker with a subscription to New Scientist…may have made that bit up).


No idea if the Emperor Doom graphic novel is still available (I doubt it) but it’s an interesting story with the premise “What happens after Doom wins?”


Triumph and Torment is the big one.


Also anything Hickman, its true.


I’ve not read a lot of Doctor Doom stories, but I quite enjoyed his portrayal and use in the 80s Fantastic Four/X-men miniseries.


Iron Man #250.


Yes. It’s very much a product of its time. Some cracking ideas, yes, but they are not given time to breathe and the end product feels rough and under-developed.


I don’t know if it’s definitive, but The Dr Doom/Dr. Strange - Triumph & Torment story is one of my person favorites.