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Download Jupiter's Circle free to celebrate gay equality!


To celebrate today’s Supreme Court decision, Millarworld and Image Comics are releasing the first story in the Jupiter’s Circle series completely free as a digital download.

Jupiter’s Circle is about a gay superhero in 1959, keeping his sexuality as secret as his alter-ego in an era where being a gay man would mean being ruined and expulsion from his very conservative super-team. It’s rated Teen-Plus and this issue comes with a special rainbow cover to commemorate the day gay Americans got the same rights as everyone else. We hope you enjoy it. Very best wishes from all your friends at Millarworld and Image Comics #lovewins


That’s an awesome thing to do, Mark!


Two things I can get behind at the same time, marriage equality and free comics!


“It’s a great day for America!”

  • American person of Scottish birth Craig Ferguson

“First one’s free!”

  • Mark Millar

What an end of June to celebrate! Mark, that’s magnificent! Now go increase the number of hardback trades for the first print run, exercise your wrist for all that signing, your elbow for all that celebrating, and acknowledge you were a motive force in the process when the world changed!

Can’t think of a more perfect panel in comics than Apollo and the Midnighter kissing as they were wed.

It’s a great day for America!


Yay! Lots of good things happening!


Sudden thought: isn’t “gay equality” an abruptly obsolete term? Is it not, now, just “equality”?

Okay, I’ll name it.

Happy Equality Day!


Good on you, Mark!


Nice one Mark!

It a series that works so well on its own but especially sandwiched between the Jupiter’s Legacy volumes, it adds extra weight and poignancy to some forthcoming events.

…why does ‘sandwiched’ sound rude to me?


Great act!
I’ll do the same, in Brazil!




This is amazing!!! How awesome for fans.

Glad the 'Mericans caught up with us up here in Canada. We’ve had marriage equality for the last 12 years. :wink:


I think it’s just ‘marriage equality’ based on this week’s etiquette, but people get bet out of shape about exact phrasing (even if someone’s intentions are 100% pure).

Either way it’s awesome - both the equality AND the comic!! xxx


There is a national policy from the Secret Government that prevents any Murricun from learning any facts whatsoever about Canada. All we are allowed to know is that it’s “north”, one can dodge the draft by going there, and that’s where game show hosts come from.

I’ve known a couple of Murricuns who have tried to find out about this “Canada”, or maybe even go there!

They “disappeared”.



Yay! All gays are equal!