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So I was at a convenience store and a shifty looking dude was hanging outside. I asked him if he had some gas, he said nah and he asked me if I had some soft. My girl was in the car with me and had no idea what we were talking about. I explained it to her, along with the other slang words I knew. Now she thinks she’s Lady Heroin or something, because she uses the words at every available opportunity, as if she doesn’t have a masters degree and grew up in the projects as opposed to the suburbs, in order to try to sound cool.

This made me wonder if the average white person was familiar with southern dope slang and since this is the whitest site I frequent, I thought I would ask you. These are common words used where I’m from and the first person to define them all correctly wins. But if you use the Urban Dictionary to look them up that’s cheating.

  1. gas
  2. soft
  3. green
  4. white girl
  5. kay bee
  6. raw
  7. zanz
  8. hard
  9. loud
  10. blue diamonds
  11. yay
  12. a bird or a brick

If I’ve violated the community guidelines by making this thread please delete it and act like it never happened, thanks



You’re only saying that because we’re all white.


LMAO! I swear I didn’t mean anything by that, sorry.


(don’t worry, I was joining in the joke)


I’m going to assume it works like cockney rhyming slang. So:

gas = cigarettes (gas bags = fags)
soft = unflattering term for your girlfriend (soft mint = bint)
green = bunions on your feet (green onions = bunions)
white girl = vomit (I’m going to white girl = I’m going to hurl)
kay bee = tree
raw = feet (raw meat = feet)
zanz = automobile (zanzibar = car)
hard = perform coitus (hard luck = fuck)
loud = boys (loud noise = boys)
blue diamonds = birthday cards (diamond hard = card)
yay = homosexual (obvious)
a bird or a brick = stupid (he’s a bit bird and brick = he’s a bit thick)


Let’s do this.

gas = paint to huff
soft = chewing tobacco
green = money
white girl = heroin
kay bee = condoms
raw = zebras
zanz = exclamation like "oh shit"
hard = soft
loud = really awesome
blue diamonds = crystal meth
yay = some kind of drugs
a bird or a brick = spouse


gas = Something that’s lots of fun. “This’ll be a gas!”

soft = Hush! As in “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?”

green = Soylent. It’s people.

white girl = Skyler.

kay bee = A kilobyte. A a multiple of the unit byte.

raw = What a lion does.

zanz = Isn’t Tharg always saying this?

hard = The opposite of soft. Which, given my earlier definition for number (2), must mean that it means “loud”.

loud = Hard.

blue diamonds = Viagra.

yay = Hooray!

a bird or a brick = What Bob the Builder can always be found with in his hand.


gas- pot
soft- coke
green- pot again? or money
white girl= coke
kay bee- no idea
blue diamonds- meth maybe
yay- crack
a bird or a brick- a kilo


Thieving bastard


gas: gasoline. I tank my car with it.
soft: As in flacid.
green: The Hulk
white girl: A white girl
kay bee: Okay bee. As said when encountering a bee in the nature and nodding at the bee saying:“Okay bee?”. “A’right bee?” is also acceptable.
raw: As in WWF Raw.
zanz: Short for Zanzibar. A upcoming holiday destination for 2016.
hard: Opposite of flacid.
loud: Dutch people.
blue diamonds: Sapphire. Even though they’renot diamonds.
yay: As in "Yay I won!"
a bird or a brick: when a person jumps from a building people said Is it gonna be a bird or a brick. As in is, will he fly into the sky as Superman or smash into the pavement as a Dutch pancake.


gas - gasoline (or petrol as our friends in the UK would call it)
soft - not hard
green - the color combination of yellow and blue
white girl - caucasian female
kay bee - defunct toy store chain
raw - uncooked
zanz - knock off skater shoes
hard - not soft
loud - not quiet
blue diamonds - diamonds with cobalt impurities
yay - opposite of boo
a bird or a brick - a vertebrate with feathers that can often fly or a masonry material used for building



There may be no truth to the rumor that “Zanz Kant Danz” involves Saul Zanetz or Fantasy Records…


gas - a particularly pungent bit of weed

soft - our soft would be a lump of weed but soft in America is probably coke, soft meaning powdered

green - weed in grass form, or the bills used to pay for it

white girl - I’m going to say this is Coke again

kay bee - fuck knows, Ket maybe?

raw - uncut coke

zanz - no idea

hard - crack or rock

loud - as above

blue diamonds - viagra

yay - Coke

a bird or a brick - brick meaning a big amount of Coke, shaped like a brick

I’m Scottish and I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder that we understand every other fuckers slang and dialect on the planet, but they make no effort to understand ours. So because of my west coast of Scotland origin I think I could have a good stab at a lot of these but it’s hard when it’s not in the context of a sentence. Ya bawbag.

Where’s the ecstasy and lsd? You missed out the best drugs!


Close enough, you win! Sorry man, when I started smoking weed I promised myself it wouldn’t be a gateway drug, so it’s all I’ve ever done (yeah, boring I know).

  1. gas - compressed weed without stems or seeds that’s more potent and costs twice as much
  2. soft - cocaine
  3. green - general weed, including babbage and backyard boogie (low quality)
  4. white girl - cocaine
  5. kay bee - kine/kind bud used to be considered potent but now ordinary, you get two blunts out of a dime, with gas you only get one
  6. raw - high grade cocaine
  7. zanz - Xanax
  8. hard - crack
  9. loud - compressed weed without stems or seeds that’s more potent and costs twice as much
  10. blue diamonds - Viagra
  11. yay - cocaine in every form (taken from Scarface)
  12. a bird or a brick - a pound or kilogram of any drug


I only knew three of those and I listen to Future, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, and other Southern rappers all the time.

I don’t know how much is because I’m white and how much because I’m old.


:laughing: The deal in Colorado is very different. There is no slang. What there are are botanical terms and excessive genealogy per plant. The technology is quite amazing. I vaguely remember street sales. A four-finger bag? Ah, prehistory.


That sounds interesting, but nowhere near as fun. For me one the main draws in smoking weed is doing something illegal and sticking it to the man, but not so illegal that you could get in any real trouble for it.


I know what you mean, I get exactly the same buzz when I cross the road without waiting for the green man.


The “green man”, David? You know that’s slang, right?