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Does this scene exist in any movie?


Somebody we think isn’t going to be able to take down a bad guy in a final confrontation.


Suddenly, he or she is 50X more adept than we expect after some brilliant and convenient plot device and then we’re blown away by the incredible bad-assery of this man, woman or child.

I know this sounds terribly vague, but the only one I can really think of that does this to any real degree is Neo’s fight with Smith at the end of the first Matrix and the shock as he jumps powers up a level and fights him without even looking at him.

Is there anything else like this? It’s on the tip of my tongue but can’t quiet remember.



It sounds really familiar but yeah, I can’t quite think of what it is I’m thinking of. The closest I can get is the end of High Fidelity, when it turns out that Jack Black’s band isn’t terrible.

Oh, or sort of Drillbit Taylor, when the bullied kids finally get in a fight with the bully at the end and one of them discovers he’s actually really good at fist-fighting because he’s got really good reach.


Is there a superhero or a sci-fi equiv? It might be Neo, but I’m sure there’s one with a McGuffin that grants you MAGIC SPECIAL FIGHT-SKILLS or something.



That sounds very Dragonball Z.

That happens all the time, IIRC.

The main villain is crazy powerful and beats the whole cast within an inch of their life, including the main hero, who … in his dying breath, through sheer force of will jumps up to his next power upgrade and kicks ass.

It’s basically the whole point of the show.


There’s Transformers: The Movie where Hot Rod gets the Matrix at the end and is suddenly a great, powerful leader.

It seems there are others that I just can’t think of right now.


You could count Rocky 3, when Rocky beats Clubber Lang.

There’s the Buffy series finale, where they perform a spell to give all the girls slayer powers.


Crikey, how did I not manage to remember that? That film’s practically engrained in me.


I don’t think it was all of a sudden at one time, but there was that pill-popping movie with Bradley Cooper. Limitless, I think? Not superhero stuff, but still.


I was just watching that yesterday. He realises that he can fight because he has perfect recall of every boxing match, Bruce Lee movie etc. that he has ever seen.

To be fair, there is a training montage first wherein Rocky reclaims the eye of the tiger.


Oh, there’s Scott Pilgrim as well. He dies, respawns and then gets the power of love to defeat Gideon.


Neo is the best example I can think of, but I like this idea A LOT! You just gave me a great idea for a story I’m working on. :thumbsup:
Edit: Not a movie but Chloe really took me by surprise in Jupiter’s Legacy.


Kung Fu Hustle. The main character is hopeless for most of the movie, then he’s beaten so bad his chi becomes properly aligned and he turns into this:


Ripley in Aliens. The change is at the “Get away from her you bitch!” moment where she goes from running scared to total goddamn badass when her motherly instinct kicks in.


It was actually you posting that made me think of it.


I can’t believe I forgot that one, great example!


Just re-watched it last night, it’s one of the only sci-fi movies from the 80’s my daughter will sit through. Star Wars 4-6 being an exception of course! :wink:

Speaking of Star Wars: Yoda in episode 2 really busted out as a bad-ass with Dooku, I wasn’t expecting that. Its one of 2 scenes I can watch from the prequels.


Every professional wrestling match ever. :wink:

Other than that, RETURN OF THE JEDI, but you did get the sense that Luke was going to beat Vader. Just you didn’t expect him to go so wild doing it.

Also, the final fight between Green Goblin and Spider-Man where he hits Peter with a punkin grenade and then once Osborne mentions Mary Jane, Peter opens the proverbial can of whoop-ass.


Would Luke’s use of the Force to take down the Death Star at the end of A New Hope count?

There’s also “The Glow” from The Last Dragon.


It’s been ages since I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim but I think it qualifies