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Does OFFING SOMEONE mean anything in America?

As in killing them or is it just a European expression?

Rachael and I checking this for an upcoming line of dialogue.




Not very commonly used, but no one would raise an eyebrow if the idiom was.


Ya. It works in US parlance. It sounds a bit like someone in the mob would put it to my ears though.


Glad you clarified this was for a book.


Yeah, definitely sounds like mobster talk. I can’t get the idea out of my head of a cockney gangster saying 'I’m gonna off ‘im, Princess’. Seems like a very British phrase but I think it’d work.

Careful with “offing” as opposed to “[getting someone] off”, which is overtly sexual. “End them” is current parlance. “Off them” tends to be an order from a superior. “Snuff them” remains common.

Yeah, but the “getting off” requires the use of the word “getting”.
Which I can’t see why that would be anywhere near there Miqque.

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Just being thorough in the interest of international relations with the nice Scottish people, Tom!

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@Mark_Millar Yes, sir. I’m American and I would say that in a conversation and other American’s would know what I was saying.


Used in context of one character telling another to off someone makes perfect sense without confusing anyone.

But everyone up-thread is right in that it does come off a bit like organized crime or someone trying hard to sound like a criminal/tough guy.

You could easily use it instead of the word whack. But you wouldn’t want to use both terms together.