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Does anyone remember this Irish politician?


Brown hair, glasses, classic 70s moustache even though it was maybe 1991.

I remember he had some big resignation thing after being high profile around the John Major years, but cannot for the life of me remember his name. It’s for no reason at all except that I’m clearly avoiding work.

I might be mis-remembering and he could be NI, but am pretty sure he was in the South around the time of Albert Reynolds.



That could be anyone, even today!


Dick Spring maybe…Or possibly Willy O’Dea. I will post some pictures if you give me a couple of minutes.



How could I forget that name? It’s him!

I remember he resigned in some kind of scandal, but can’t remember what it was. Does anyone remember the details? I think others went around the same time.



I’ll admit, Willie O’Dea came to mind for me, but largely because of the rubberbandits.



Ahhh Dick Spring (who used to be one of my local TD’s growing up)…In his stand up show Dermot Morgan used to ponder whether that was the name of a person or a contraceptive device.

The really thing which was the kicker for him was that prior to the '93 election, his party had been the effective opposition and were fairly proactive about harrying the government. When they went into government the expectation was that they would keep it honest. When they were seen to be doling out jobs for the boys, just like everyone else, any moral authority they might have had eroded away. And the 1993 election was a blip for them (as indeed was getting 37 seats in 2011).

I have met him a few times over the years (coming from the same town). He seemed a nice enough chap.

Edit: I was trying to sort the Chronology out in my head…Of course, the whole Harry Whelehan/Brendan Smith affair happened in 1994 which brought down the coalition with Fianna Fail, and gave us the Rainbow Coalition…How could I forget Johnny Brutal as Taoiseach?


He was a vowel away from being a classic golden age DC artist. That’s closer than most of us get. :smile:


Yeah, Duck Spring’s Superman run was pretty amazing.


Willy O’Dea and Dick Spring sound worryingly like 90s Irish porn stars!



Reaction to 90s Irish porn.


Oh you are so right…

Ladies and Gents - Willy O’Dea (back when he was Minister for Justice)

I looked at that Wikipedia page that Lorcan posted about Dick Spring…I knew that he was capped for Ireland in Rugby. I didn’t know that he played football for Kerins O’Rahillys in Tralee. The Narries. Seriously. I have now lost any respect that I ever had for the man. :wink:
(and yes I realise that this will make no sense to anyone who didn’t grow up in Tralee i.e. everyone except me).


And lest we forget his evil twin, Willie O’DJ


I love that you have put no context for this photograph, I wonder what what people outside Ireland would think was actually going on here.


Parker, I think that may be one of the most Irish things to ever happen on Millarworld i.e. the worrying about making a show of ourselves in front of the foreigners.

If we start complaining about people having notions or, heaven help us, leaving the immersion on, we will know that we are truly lost. :wink:


I fear it’s only a matter of time, the status of the immersion is such a constant issue for our people, coming into winter, that I’m surprised one of us hasn’t brought it up in the ‘what are you doing thread’ yet.


Most of Millarworld now has no idea what we’re talking about :smile:

Have you ever seen The Guard? There is a great scene where Brendan Gleeson is disrupting a lecture by Don Cheadle’s visiting FBI Agent, and his boss says something like “Don’t be showing us up in front of the American” :laughing: I love that film.


I’ve kept meaning to watch it but never got round to it. I’m going to make a point of getting a hold of it for this weekend! I’ll let you know my thoughts that many Millarworlders will no doubt also struggle to decipher.


The Guard is better than In Bruges. Yes I said it. Internet be damned, it’s a better Gleeson performance and a more satisfying movie. Funnier too.


I enjoyed I Went Down more than In Bruges. I feel like it and The General are the films that really made him.