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Does anyone know how to Word count on a Mac document?

i’m trying to find the wee thing to click and count the words, but can’t see it anywhere.

Any ideas?


Can you go up to the File menu, choose Properties and look at Statistics?

  1. Switch to Word on Windows
  2. Look at the word count at the bottom of the document window.

Easy :slight_smile:


Just checked. It’s actually click on Pages then Preferences and there’s a box to tick to show word count under editing.

Mods, Mark is doing new things on his computer again.

Would someone please check on the status of Skynet?


And please back up any important files you might be working on. You know this can’t end well :wink:

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You can copy and paste to this word counter if it’s causing you too much hassle on mac pages

Also, this site will give you ave. reading time, which I find very useful.

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Oh, crap. Not again. Not AGAIN!

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Parker, you’re a hero. This is the only thing that worked :slight_smile:

Thanks all, but my computers are usually different from every other computer ever made!!!



This is why I am concerned about Skynet’s well-being.

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Yeah sooo… Imma have to carry this around in my wallet.

I’ll be putting it next to my Wally Squad ID from prog 721 and 10 million pound cheque I wrote to myself as incentive to be a ‘success’.


@Mark_Millar - Sorry I’m late to the party. I wasn’t on my Mac earlier. If you’re using Pages, you can click on “View” in the upper left hand corner and hit “Show Word Count”. This will keep you from needing to use another program.

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Holy cow! There it is! Thanks, Ronnie!


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First you have to buy one an IP router at stick it into the ethernet port at the back; login to TOR, and open up a TLET config command — then its just a matter of simple coding:

Heres a screenshot of what yours should look like:

After that – it’s simply a matter of figuring where the MAC address homefile text is, try a source redirect and then open that up and type in - “What is word count?”

After that reboot into safemode and open up your document.

If that fails, you can always count them?