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Does anyone have a list of Disney pics for next couple of years?


I don’t just mean the Marvel movies. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what they’re planning including Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Disney Animation, etc?

Much obliged, guv’nor!



That might be what you’re looking for, chief


I am wrong! That does not include all of the distribution releases like the Marvel movies.

There’s some IMDB lists but they don’t feel too comprehensive.

This seems to be the best I can find

Looks like the best way to get it done is by 'Frankenstein’s monster’ing a few lists and pages together.


Here you go:


Seeing Inhumans all the way at the end just made me a bit sad…

Interesting they are doing a Wreck-it-Ralph sequel. As much as I enjoyed that movie I felt that the ground was too fertile to just let it sit that way. Felt like there was a lot of additional interesting ways they could have gone with it.


Mmmmm… no Star Wars Ep 9?