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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: New Doctor, New Showrunner, New Trailer


“We Are FAM-I-LY?”

“Yeah? Can I borrow twenty bucks?”


Relax and have a beer;


Nice. :joy:


Where’s the beer? All I see is Corona.


Hermione doesn’t always drink beer, but when she does, she prefers Corona.


So Hermione has no taste is what you’re saying?


More like Hermione has become a fun date.


As in dysFUNctional?


She’s smiling because she’s thankfully managed to finish it.


Unfortunately, her liver is crying.


More her taste buds


Tom Baker’s first series is being released on Blu-Ray.

It’s not just a straight port of the DVDs though, as, on top of the special features from those, it’ll have:

Plus, the added convenience of taking up much less shelf-space than half a dozen individual DVD cases. Yes, that sounds inconsequential, but the full range of Classic Who DVDs takes up a lot of space.

Enemy Of The World is being rereleased on DVD too, with some actual special features this time:


It’s interesting to see the BBC going for BR releases of these old series.

If I understand correctly, as with the Red Dwarf BR set that’s coming, they’re constrained by the fact that all the old series (except Spearhead From Space) were shot on videotape - so they’re limited by that in terms of it being impossible to create a true HD image, even if they used first-generation masters.

But apparently the size of BR discs offers other benefits in terms of compression, so if you put the time and money into it you can end up with effectively a nice uprezzed DVD.

Ultimately I guess this is about taking series that sell well on DVD and giving them a release in a new format to get fans to buy them all over again. Which is understandable.


Also, the new Chibnall logo on the original series is a very weird combination. :slight_smile:


I went delving into Gallifrey Base for info (shudder) and according to people working on it it’s being done the same way as Spearhead and Shada and looks worth the effort. To be honest, any improvement in image quality isn’t a huge deal for me, it’s the space and special features.

Yes, I’d have stuck with the TVM logo which got deemed the blanket “classic era” logo, but apparently the Chibnall logo is being used for everything now and will stick with this (proposed) run of Blu-Ray boxsets even if they outlast it being used on the show.


While I can understand why they went for a (presumably) more popular popular season, I wish they would have started from the beginning.


I suspect at least part of the reason to not do that is holding out as long as possible on more missing episodes turning up.

Speaking of, I noticed while looking at these upcoming Who DVDs, there’s a DVD release for the recently recovered Avengers s1 episode. It includes the Big Finish audio drama version as an extra, which is a nice inclusion.



If anyone’s interested in getting some Big Finish Tom Baker, you can get 15% off if you use the promotional code “tomeye2”.


This doesn’t put him out of the running for being the 14th Doctor, does it? :wink: