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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I used to get them confused all the time.


Quick reminder that Big Finish are doing lots of stories for 99p up until 22 Dec:

Looking over the list shows up a few of the ones I’ve enjoyed over the years, with Dalek Empire being a particular favourite. What I didn’t realise at the time was how early it was for them, they’d only had the licence for a year or two and they decided to do this Dalek epic, with a set of prequel Who stories, with the main event involving people like Gareth Thomas and David Tennant. So, that mad sense of ambition they have was always there from the start.

Ones I’ll probably grab for 99p are UNIT 1-4 and the ‘Villains’ trilogy of Davros, Omega and Master.

Well worth a look.


Does anybody think Bradley Walsh looks like Phil Tuffnell?

Also they’ve dragged the whole Bradley Walsh thing out a while now, they can admit it’s a troll already, they’ve done the humourous “har har Bradley Walsh is the new companion” bit now.


If he had a beard he would be a dead ringer for The Anthony Ainley Master.


I’m sorry you guys if I ever repeated too much I apologize I have aspergers syndrome.


It’s okay don’t worry, you should hear how much I repeat myself about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Star Wars hashtag Vader Clone.


That’s very true. “The Five Doctors” was my first exposure to the first three Doctors. At the time, I think there were very few surviving Hartnell and Troughton episodes, and my PBS station didn’t show Pertwee’s episodes until later. I’m not sure if they even offered the Pertwee shows at the time.

Weird thing about “The Five Doctors” is that the American PBS stations got “The Five Doctors” before the rest of that Davison season, so we got new wave Tegan and a young man named Turlough, so we were left wondering why Tegan was back, who this ginger fellow was, and what happened to Nyssa.


Yeah the BBC almost never repeated Doctor Who. I know there are the missing episode issues with the first two doctors but as Mike says I knew about Pertwee and early Tom Baker stories from the Target novelisations. They had plenty of repeats on air, especially in Summer, but they mostly did sitcoms that had just been aired that year (there’s a contract reason to do with repeat fees, they could show those twice before they had to pay).

I got cable TV before most people in the UK due to poor reception at our house and a channel called ‘Super Channel’* started repeating all of Tom Baker’s run from the start in the late 1980s. You couldn’t even get them on video as they slowly released those one story at a time in no particular order. Compared to now it’s amazing how difficult it was back then to see stuff.

*Super Channel was so obscure (although it was like a prototype UK Gold) that when I Googled to check the date it started I can’t find any reference, only a Canadian channel of the same name.


It is now Called NBC Europe I found out the Super Channel you are speaking of.


Thanks Mr 1989. The name change was why I couldn’t find it.


Even now the BBC rarely seem to repeat classic-era Doctor Who. It’s a shame as I think kids might like to see stories about the previous Doctors. I got into the show through Pertwee repeats as much as through the McCoy stuff that was new at the time.


My real name is David .


Three Davids posting in a row! Have we just made a forum record? :laughing:


I’m calling it now, that is too many Davids. Fight amongst yourselves to reduce that number.

Given that Doctor Who fandom is anal dedicated enough to have reconstructed the entire broadcasting schedule of Dr Who on UK Gold in the 90s (available somewhere in a handy PDF), I’m surprised by this.


Well I was originally going to be called Matthew or Jacob but my parents decided on the name David .


David is a pretty common name.


Now Flaviothat name is not very common. I’m trying to think of another one, Gabriel that name is not very common.


Martha isn’t a very common name in modern times. Neither is Amelia. Nor Clara. I’m not sure about Rose, but probably not all that common these days.


These two might disagree


Yeah, they were both born in the 1930s :stuck_out_tongue: