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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


About 90%


No, and it matters not one jot. As far as the audience is concerned, Bradley is the first Doctor.


Does anyone else think Reece Shearsmith looks like Patrick Troughton?

(I think I can guess the answer to this one)


Does anyone think Sean Pertwee looks like Jon Pertwee?


Does anyone think Richard Hurndall looks like anyone?


Does anyone think Colin Baker looks like Tom Baker?


Does anyone think Paul McGann looks like Joe McGann?


Does anyone think that Bill Pullman looks like Bruce Boxleitner?


Does anyone happen to know how to fly this thing?


Well I think David Bradley looks more like Hartnell then Richard Hurndall he looks like he is acing his mannerisms too.


Hurndall in the five doctors he didn’t do a bad job he did his best to make the part his own. Even though lookswise him and Hartnell don’t look as much alike as David Bradley and William Hartnell do.


Actually David Bradley looks like a Willie Nelson William Hartnell mix a blend of the two.


You know what is funny a person called asking for a Willie Nelson on my phone just nowlol and I’m not kidding either.


Is that a euphemism?


What a funny start to my day.


Oh and Richard Hurndall kinda looks like Charles Dance.


Wee promo video fluff for the release of Shada. Tom Baker is always worth listening too even if the video doesn’t have anything worth reporting in it.


I thought that in that trailer for that Western, Pullman looked a lot like Jeff Daniels.

Oh, and Bruce Boxleitner looks like Howie from The Fall Guy.


He does!!!


The thing is he didn’t really need to look or act like Hartnell that much. In the 80s, access to older stories was limited - I knew the First Doctor through novels, and static pictures, and not much else (true for most of the Doctors before the Fifth for me to be honest)

These days, the First Doctor is much more ‘alive’ than he was in the 80s, so the standards are higher.