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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Allegedly, yeah


Look more like Thanos.


Who Titles Face 2

I fear there’s a line about this in the TV Movie.


He totally is.


I could see the face in that top image before I even scrolled down and saw the overlay. I might have been primed for it by your earlier comment but I’d be willing to bet that it’s there intentionally.


OMG :open_mouth:

I can totally see a chin too :dizzy_face:


Oh look, a young woman from contemporary London, a young guy from contemporary London, and, er, Bradley Walsh :confused:

(Yes, I am making assumptions. Just wait to see them proven right.)


Don’t look down, cock and balls clearly visible.


And I thought Timelords only had two hearts






And a Time Lord from contemporary London? :thinking:


Lots of planets have a contemporary London.


That’s sad.


There’s only one Terrence Dicks.


Ooooooone Terrence Dicks! There’s only OOOONE Terrence Dicks. Oh oooooooooooooooooone Terrence dicks. There’s only one Terence dicks.

God. I’ve not sung that since the spring of ‘93.


Terrence Dick, then.


Some nice little bits and pieces from Moffat on the Christmas special:

Some might be considered minor spoilers, so I won’t quote them, but it has me looking forward to the episode even more.


Does anyone else think David Bradley looks like William Hartnell as the first Doctor.


Presumably the people that cast him?