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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I like that idea, about the Doctor getting wiped out the timestream and the companion watching “Doctor Who” tv shows and movies with various guest stars playing themselves playing the Doctor.

Maybe for the 55th Anniversary?


I like a few of those…

The one with the Harry Potter crossover and J. K. Rowling would have made a good Christmas special.

And the one with the Nazis could have been good.

I’m quite happy they didn’t do the Rose as the ultimate companion. Bleh.

One the article didn’t mention is that “The End of Time” (Tennant’s swan song) was originally to have featured the Brigadier. When Nicholas Courtney was unable to appear due to his failing health, the part was rewritten for Wilfred Mott. That one breaks my heart.


Mark Gatiss writing Nazis in the British Museum? Yes, I’d watch that.


I’m really looking forward to seeing Gatiss again in the Christmas special actually. There are a couple of rumours/theories about who he’ll be playing, including that he’s some relation to the Brigadier, or that he’s real-world historical figure Gilbert MacKenzie-Trench, who fought in the First World War and designed the blue Police Box that the TARDIS is modelled on.

Both ideas are very Moffat, but I could see him going for the second one in particular.


I like that second one. As much as I love the Brig, I don’t think we need to see his dad or whatever.





Cannot unsee.


That’s kind of what they did for Sam in the 8th Doctor novels (though it was unintentional on the Doctor’s part) and it was a pretty naff idea there too.

The Gatiss museum one does sound like it’d have been fun.



Now that is a good concept for a companion, instead of, oh look another young woman from contemporary London.


Uh… no? :confused:


Come on, there’s an eye clear as day! (and the bridge of a nose and shadow of another eye)

Who Titles Face

It keeps staring at me. Following me around the room. Probably wondering why I’m wandering around the room with the screencap on my computer screen.


Is this like one of those magic eye things?


You think the eye’s magic? That would explain the staring…


Magic eye and magic bridge of nose and magic shadow of another eye, apparently.

I only see stars and gas :expressionless:


This is the Whovian equivalent of whether Spock’s face is in the comet in the DS9 opening credits.


Oh! I can see it now.

(Not really, I’m just humouring Martin.)



Say what? That’s a new one to me!