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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


A multi-doctor story?


They’re always the fun ones!


Not with all these NHS cutbacks.


As a contestant on new game show Armchair Detectives.


It’ll be in a parallel world - Brextopia.


Who Do You Think You Are?


The Thick of It.


Tree Fu Tom. I think the Tenth Doctor and Twigs would get on very well.



Ah, I just watched the restored version of Shada and, while I’m aware that circumstance and distance have made it into something greater than perhaps it would otherwise ever have been, I couldn’t help myself grinning from beginning to end. The Baker/Ward combination is one of my favourite ever, and there’s plenty to love in the Douglas Adams script. The animation style in the unfilmed bits is neither the best nor the most faithful to the ‘real world’ footage … but it doesn’t matter.

And the final scene is lovely.



Bill’s back! Good.


Yes, she was in one of the earlier trailers too I think. Nice to see her back.


So, um, I was watching Cold War today and the opening titles came on, as usual. It’s the red howl-around style ones that only lasted half a series. Anyway, between Matt Smith’s face and the Doctor Who logo I noticed this:

There’s a face in there, right? Eyes and eyebrows at least.



That option of the 50th anniversary without the Doctor, that has to be an offhand joke on Moffat’s part that someone didn’t get, surely? Can you imagine if they’d done that?


I saw Moffat interviewed as part of the 50th celebrations and he sounded like he was sincere in telling the story: there was a point at which Matt Smith wasn’t signed up for the anniversary special and so they had to have a backup Clara-only script in the event that he didn’t sign on for it.

(Presumably they still could have used archive footage of other Doctors, but yes, it wouldn’t have been ideal.)


That makes sense, more of a disaster recovery plan that an actual intention.


Yes, exactly.

Here are a few more details:

Given how crazy the circumstances around the 50th anniversary special sound, it’s a wonder it worked out as it did.


It’s a good idea for an episode though.

But the Doctor would have to show up at the end at least. :slight_smile: