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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I suppose keeping the same effect saves time and money, allows for a short-hand all the audience can understand, especially when they tease regenerations (like the Doctor’s fake death in s6) and is handy for when other Time Lords regenerate. But it is a bit boring. It’d be nice if the regeneration effect reflected the cause of death (which seemed to be the starting point on the 9-10 effect).


I figure they could always do a story on the first Doctor when he was young. That would be interesting.


My biggest fear…



The young doctor was a punk from Glasgow.

Lots of planets have a Glasgow.


Some comments on the finale and the regeneration from director Rachel Talalay:

She’s done great work on the show, I hope she sticks around.



If they ever start making Doctor Who movies, that’s probably what I would prefer. The Doctor at the Time Lord Academy, the Deca, the Corsair, the young Master and the young Doctor. Might be a bit Harry Potterish, but it would prevent the tv series and films from stepping on each other while still maintaing continuity.


I don’t know, part of what I like about the Doctor is that he’s such an enigma. I don’t think the backstory elements that they started adding to the character and which built up over the years make for a particularly strong story on their own. In fact, a lot of the stuff about Gallifrey and the Timelords often feels like fairly weak and generic sci-fi-fantasy.

I’d much rather they keep all the details about the Doctor’s history light, and concentrate on telling good stories with the fully-formed version of the character.


I can see a series of novels covering the young Doctor on Gallifrey, there are young James Bond books for example. Books are not free, but they cost less to produce than TV series or movies.

As Dave says, version of the character that has grabbed the audience for decades is well established and he’s an adult, even if he has looked every age from 20 to 70.

And continuity has never been a big deal for DW. I believe that people can accept more than one version of the Doctor.


Wow, Big Finish are certainly making the most out of Sir Jacobi…


And a fun gif I can’t copy and paste;


For a moment there I thought they were doing a Holby City/Doctor Who crossover, and I was all “Oh! Why have they never really done that sort of thing before?”

Which other BBC property would you have the Doctor turn up in?


Eastenders. That would definitely be good.


They’d have to play it totally straight though. The Eastenders cast would just have to be the normal people the story happens around/to.


… I mean, in as much as you could ever describe the cast of Eastenders as ‘ordinary’


The Clangers!


Rose Tyler’s life was very Eastenders.




Doctors (obv).