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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Death isn’t intrinsically wrong Bruce :wink:


Oh, this is the BESTEST best thread EVER!!! Clara Who is in the new series. ALL the yays!!! And clearly the TARDIS door is closed so K-9 can’t get out and spoil the surprise.


I read yesterday that doctor who’s Rose was meant to be directed by Edgar Wright. I’d not heard that before.

Imaging it directed as a Spaced episode makes so much more sense of what got shown on screen. The time leaps, the Austin hand, anti plastic, the quick reading of the book, the JOKES. All those bits that didn’t sit right, would have been totes solid.

It would have been even more amazing, Would that spaced style been carried into the other blocks? How different would season 1 have been ?


Given Eccleston allegedly left because of the guy who did direct that block (Boak?), I’d say pretty different.



Apropos of nothing, an old quote from Moffat about how series 5 would have gone if Tennant had stayed on.


Sounds good. I wouldn’t object to that playing out in a future regeneration.


I imagine that any Doctor Who fan worth their salt will see this and immediately put a couple of hundred quid aside.


:scream: Six easy payments - interest free!

The watch looks alright.


It’s like one of those fake ads you get in the back of Viz.





I quite liked that. Good dialogue, Capaldi and Bradley play off each other very well.


Yes, that looks really good. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.


“I’d say, “Stop being an idiot,” but I know what’s coming.” :joy:


I’m certainly looking forward to this Bradley (but not the other one), and seeing what he does with the original curmudgeon. Im hoping for a lot of “Mmmm?” at the end of a sentence.

In other news, Gatiss is excellent in The League of Gentlemen.


Seems like Murray Gold is leaving the show with Moffat too.

He’s done some great work on the series. I’ll miss his contribution.


He has done some amazing tunes (the bit that plays in Doomsday when Rose and the Doctor are separated is tremendous). I haven’t been noticing it stepping on the dialogue as much, while rewatching it all either, which was a big problem with his work on broadcast. Still, 12 years is a long time for anyone to have been working on the show.

I enjoyed the preview of the Christmas special. Given the first Doctor is staving off regeneration too, I wonder if they’ll have a crack at recreating his. Moffat did talk about being a completionist for them when he did 8-War and War-9 and it’s technically missing.


Yeah, there were some really nice lines there.

I liked, “What do you mean, One?” particularly.