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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


The black phone panel (with handle on the wrong side) just keeps drawing my eye and not in a good way. :man_shrugging:


I would love that. Still not enough question marks, though!


Why stop at the socks, they could synergise her entire wardrobe!


It’s a bit of a shame it ended up to be the best episode of that Moffat area though…

(Or at least that was always my feeling - first one was definitely the episode I liked best of the whole Smith era.)


Like I said: retro.

(From 1966.)


I like that the outfit is a bit goofy. Bit of a throwback to the times of the Bakers and Davison.

I hope this is the way they’ve decided to go overall. Forget about all the grimness and whatever, and just make this a fun Doctor. That’d make for a nice change of pace.



That dress looks so tight that I hope it’s bigger on the inside.


Just because it was wrong then too doesn’t make it right now!


Can’t it be both? I’d rather it was that than dull.


If you look at a lot of Doctor Who promo photos, the TARDIS door is slightly ajar, as if to invite you inside for an adventure. Here, it’s wedged shut by bras.


Pffffft :rofl:


And that was the clean version of that joke.


The handle on the wrong side is the biggest travesty in fandom since the slightly wrong tone of red on Superman’s boots.

I’m out!

Fuck them and all they stand for, anyone who watches this show from here on in should be ashamed.


You can see it now…

Ted, look, a photo of the new Dr Who - how is she going to fit in the TARDIS?

Dougal, the TARDIS is far away.


Dougal’s correct, though.


[slow, patient voice] Martin, nothing was wrong in 1966.


According to the historical drama Quantum Leap, no fewer than three things were wrong in 1966.


:joy: This is the funniest season of Millarword so far.


I’m sure everyone on this list would beg to differ.

Well, they would if they weren’t dead.