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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)




I noticed that, too.

It’s been my experience that the “fewer episodes, but they’ll be longer” is a mostly empty promise. Cinemax pulled the same thing with Banshee’s final season. And I’ll be surprised if Game of Thrones final six episode season has all of the promised extra-length episodes.



I love Doctor Who. it has been a companion to me since I was a kid. Some of the fans are complete and utter arseholes.

Just enjoy it, or don’t and do something else.

They bitch and moan at every minor change and the retroactively like it later, probably. I really don’t care. I’m glad I never got that into Star Trek, they seem just as bad or worse.


They’re worse. Far worse.

Didn’t you hear that they ruined Star Trek by having a black, female main character in the new series. Apparently it’s political correctness gone mad. :wink:


He probably would have got away with it if not for the “plain sight” bit at the end. Well, I suppose he’s already got away with it, given it made print.


It’s all the same, TV, movies, comics and the biggest group; sports of course.

“Fan” is derived from “Fanatic”. Never forget that. :wink:


Who’s The Watcher? Why’s he been sacked/whys he think Panini are cunts?


Maybe he saw too much?


Maybe he broke his race’s vow of non-interference.


Being someone who does not watch gameshows, especially British gameshows, I matched the names with faces in order of left to right. nice to know the young black man is not Graham.


This sounds fantastic:

As revealed in Doctor Who Magazine this month, The Diary of River Song Series Three will be released in January 2018, with the Fifth Doctor (played by Peter Davison) facing off against the most evil midwife in Doctor Who history, Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber).

And in Series Four River will be encountering the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker. More details on this series will be announced in the future.


I wasn’t crazy about the first box set, but the second one was all sorts of fun. The 6th Doctor and River worked particularly well.

But basically…Big Finish please stop taking my money. I need to eat. I have bills to pay. Have you no mercy :weary:

Edit: I actually really love Big Finish.


So how does River meeting earlier Doctors work? Does she just not tell him who she is and hope he doesn’t remember her?




It depends on the story. In some cases, there is a mind wipe or amnesia. In another case, they don’t meet face to face. In another, there is a disguise. She knows who he is. She doesn’t know who he is. .



I had heard about this before, but I hadn’t read the whole thing.

What a git…

Benjamin Cook did a long form interview (or series of interviews) with Tom Baker for one of the issues of DWM (501 I think but I’m open for correction), but it is insanely entertaining.


Supposedly, that interview led to RTD scrapping a return appearance for Swift as Copper. Haven’t seen any real evidence for that, but given the “great conversation” he had with Cook, I can see it being true.


Given the digressions that conversation took (RTD’s love of Skins and Russell Tovey), I can’t imagine that it didn’t come up.

It was a great book though.