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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


At the same time, there have been 45-minute episodes that people have suggested could have done with a little more room to breathe - and there have been quite a few two-parters that have been criticised for being a bit bloated, and people have suggested that they could be fit into an hour.

Either way, with 10 hour-long episodes, you’re getting about an hour more Doctor Who per series than with 12 of the 45-minute shows. :slight_smile:


I’m not trying to fearmonger here, but remember the last time the show increased the episode run-time and reduced the episode count?


When it rebooted?


How about 20 episodes at 25 minutes each?


Deep Breath?


50 episodes at 15 minutes each and you’ve got a deal.


First order of business, set the show back in San Francisco.


Deal’s off, sorry.


But that doesn’t bode well if there’s still going to be two-parters in this new 10 hour series.


Are there still going to be?

Last rumour I heard was that Chibnall was aiming for a single overarching story for the whole series, Broadchurch style.


Yes! It’s been terrible!


Ach, no. That’s a horrible idea.


That sounds even worse frankly, although I suspect it’s a misinterpretation at best. I don’t see how you could do that for Doctor Who - beyond series arc stuff similar to Bad Wolf and Amy’s crack - without it turning into Quatermass or Torchwood.


I guess it depends how it’s done. A stronger arc that still has individual stories could be ok. A single story revolving around the same central idea and cast is probably not what I want Doctor Who to be.


I’ve just been put off by actiony-adventurey shows not handling a season long arc well at all. It becomes a lot of stalling, stops, and dragging along.


It is entirely about the execution, there’s no point pre-judging. There are episodes up to now that have dragged at 45 minutes and plenty that could have done with more time.

Sorry, forgot this was the internet for a moment, it will be shit, there has never been a good hour long 10 episode show in the history of the world. :smile:


This may be true. Most commercial station hour-long episodes have a 44 minute run time - including Broadchurch.


Yes, exactly. Maybe those of us without a TARDIS should just wait and see. :slight_smile:

Changing the subject slightly, my four-year-old son is so excited about the upcoming changeover that he keeps asking when we are going to see the “new lady Doctor”. I think Christmas feels a little further away than usual for him this year.


Who cares? First of all Game of Thrones was mentioned and can be added to by dozens of great HBO and BBC shows. Secondly this is just me but I am quite dismissive of format norms, they are rarely defined by creative needs.

I liked that UK comics when I was a kid came out at completely random frequency, page count and even paper size. If anything both comics and TV globally have moved more towards that lack of uniformity rather than away from it.


Agreed - I think the episodes are long enough

Plus why do they think everyone has the time to watch tv shows of an hours length each?

It’s a big commitment to do that every week - there’s a big world outside that box in our living rooms

If the first episode doesn’t grab me I can see me quickly turning off

Bad choice Chibnall