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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


That’s changed fast - Metro’s take was it was a possibility only, well that’s how I read it.


I think the Mirror’s “reveal” should be taken with a pinch of salt, given that they also confirmed Kris Marshall as the Thirteenth Doctor.


Yeah the Mirror seem very confident but nobody else is reporting it.


Given the big publicity splash the last time that a new Companion was announced, if this is real it would surprise me if the BBC wasn’t trying to get ahead of this story and get some sort of formal announcement out there. Which they don’t seem to be doing.


I’ll keep an open mind if it is. I’ve been through at least two sessions of ‘disaster casting’ anguish from fans on assistants that turned out to be all time favourites.


I reached the end of the classic series on my episode a day thing yesterday. Survival works quite well as an ending for the series. The little voice-over thing added at the last minute especially, but the episode fully feels like a full circle of sorts for the series. The Doctor goes from kidnapping people from contemporary London, who leave the first chance they get, to bringing a missing girl from contemporary London(ish) home, only for her to decide to stay with him. There’s also a nice contrast between Ian teaching those crazy Thals the folly of pacifism in The Daleks, to the Doctor winning through non-violence in Survival, sneering at Patterson echoing Ian’s comments in his self-defence classes.
It’s also easily one of Ainley’s best stories as the Master and it’s nice to close the series with him popping up (and still at large). I don’t think I’d ever really noticed Ainley’s new costume in this story before and it’s quite good actually. Less OTT camp than the high-necked velvet thing.

I decided to watch Dimensions In Time before the TV Movie as well (it’s on YouTube if you’re interested). I think I’ve seen it since it originally aired, but I’d forgotten quite how shite it is. The new series has shown that just because something’s being done as a Children In Need short, it doesn’t have to be complete fluff, like this, which is just an airing of lots of old costumes, actors and lots of Eastenders cameos, bolted onto the flimsiest possible excuse for plot. Such a wasted opportunity.

Youtube did push me to a video of outtakes from it though, which is interesting, especially the last shot.


Of course it is. There’s no real plot, it’s just a gimmicky piece of nonsense based on seeing characters and actors out of context. I’m surprised it isn’t completely ignored, as it should be, but Doctor Who fans were desperate for anything I suppose at that point.


Given that Alan Yentob, controller of BBC 1, was an advocate for the show, and that JNT had been trying to get away from it for years, I’m amazed that JNT worked on it, frankly. Surely it was a prime chance for Yentob to throw some hot new producer or writer onto it and show what the show could be like?


I think again that’s taking it all too seriously. If Yentob seriously imagined it would be the start of a new series then I’m sure he would, it was a gimmick to raise money for charity. I doubt they spent much time at all thinking about it. As a Doctor Who fan I would love to imagine it was meticulously planned and considered but the end result pretty much shows they just made it up as it went along.


Very true. And I might be getting Yentob’s involvement/enthusiasm mixed up with the TV movie.


Yay! Wow, that’s amazing, and especially the way they ran that double-bluff with the woman and everything!


I imagine the Christmas special ending with Capaldi regenerating into Jodie Whittaker for 20 seconds, only to get zapped by a random Dalek and regenerate again into Marshall for series 11.


Aren’t timelords vulnerable after just regenerating?


I’m sure they feel very sensitive, yes.



If, like me, anyone else missed out on the stupidly limited run collector’s edition set of the 50th Anniversary (which is the only way to get Five(ish) Doctors and I think Night of the Doctor, as well as lots of other stuff), you might be interested to know that it turns out the Australian release is still widely available. The DVD version is currently on sale at a shop called Sanity (Aussies, right?) and with international postage works out to about £27.50. It’s region 4, so you’ll need a region free DVD player, but considering the Region 2 release is next to impossible to find, let alone for a reasonable price, it’s a good option.


Even if it says region 4 on the box, Many Australian DVDs are region free or also region 2 coded, so you may not even need a region free player.

Also, if you have VLC, it’ll play in your computer anyway…


Yeah the region stuff is very easy to get around. It’s a waste of time. If it can play on a PC just get a cheap Chromecast and stream it to the TV.


I region-hacked my DVD player the day I got it. I’ve already got too many Australian DVDs not to.

Anyone know if Blu-Ray players are generally region hackable yet?


No, not over here at least. I bought a multi-region one on eBay, but even then you need to go into the settings and enter in a code every time you switch blu-ray regions, and you have to make sure the firmware never updates.