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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Yeah, Blessed talks about it in his most recent autobiography. They recorded the location stuff in advance, but did about 40 minutes an episode live.


Uhhh…what? :astonished:



Alternatively, there are the real ‘McCoys’…



I am assuming that a parody of the BBC4 Gay Britannia season to celebrate the legalisation of homosexuality. (Hopefully not with bad intent).


I would watch all of those.



Sensible woman :wink:


She missed the fan reaction but still posted a response to it?


I don’t think the story mentions her “posting” a response anywhere. She was interviewed on the radio and, presumably, specifically asked about it.


Like a day after her casting was announced she posted a response to the backlash that said ‘don’t fear my gender.’


Oh, ok. I didn’t see that.

So she was lying when she said she wasn’t on social media? :frowning:


Rule One.


I don’t know. She might not be and it was just impossible not to at least be aware of the uproar associated with her casting.


Yes I suspect that. You don’t have to be on Twitter to know what Donald Trump is tweeting about. A large part of mainstream journalism now seems to involve embedding tweets.

If the BBC and The Guardian and CNN are reporting it you’d likely have to be living in a cave not to know certain reactions.



Tennant was great last night. I could even put up with Patinson.


We’ve just booked tickets for the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff before it shuts its doors in September. Glad we’re getting the chance to see it. It should be fun.


Thanks for the reminder to get tickets!


It’s closing the week before we go to Cardiff.


Farewell to the creator of the Sonic Screwdriver.


I’m afraid that I wasn’t aware the man or his contribution to Doctor Who, but may he rest in piece.