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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I think it’s unfair to lump Baker and McCoy’s era together like that. There’s a big uptick in quality when Cartmel takes over (if you gloss over Time and the Rani as a remnant of the previous administration). The production design still has issues, as seen in the Happiness Patrol, but the scripts are at least all trying to have more depth and texture than under Saward. They’re usually trying to be about something rather than just a gory romp. Paradise Towers isn’t entirely successful - it’s uneven in tone, Richard Briers is miscast, it gets a bit too caught up in citing rules - but it’s ambitious. The Kang dialogue and society is a tremendous bit of world-building. The story feels like a dip into a fully formed other world, just like Robots of Death, rather than a setting that exists only to serve its story.

It’s unfortunate that this resurgence happens when the show’s restricted in episode count and having to do so many three parters. But splitting the six parter filming budget into two three parters, allows for some all location stories, just like Spearhead, which helps temper the design problems. And by the third season, they were actively focusing on settings that they knew the designers could pull off well - hence the final season full of historical and contemporary stories.

And let’s not pretend that bad design was exclusive to the 80s. There were plenty of stories in the 60s and 70s that looked crap. Even some of the best bits of design work were marred by budgetary and design limitations - the beautiful alien forest in Planet of Evil is juxtaposed with abysmal costumes and a pretty tatty spaceship.


It’s a fundamental law of the universe :slight_smile:


Every studio BBC drama in the 80s suffered from chronic over lighting.






70s animated Bones looks hungover as fuck.


Well, it was the 70s…


Well it is Bones…


I think this proves David’s point. Classic style with pretty feline woman vs generic uniforms with preppy momma’s boy. a sweater tied over the shoulders, really???


You think the turtleneck and jacket uniform is generic? Honestly?


IMO, those big clunky turtlenecks are just ugly. The unis over them are very plain. Generic was me trying to be nice.


Wow, that’s like the most wrong statement in the history of Millarworld, and @Tom_Punk posts here!


whatever, at least you can not disagree with my other point though.


Oh, I was just distracted by your awful taste. If you think TAS looks better than Wrath of Khan you need your head examining. I’m not usually a fan of prescriptive statements but that’s a stone cold fact. Sure as eggs is eggs, sure as odd numbered Star Trek films are shit.


If Wrath of Khan’s so good, why doesn’t it have a lion woman in its cast?


Or E.T.'s dad?


Pre-vindication, I tell ya


You know what Star Trek movie has a lion woman in the cast? Final Frontier.


We already have 2 Star Trek threads on the go. Any more cross-contamination here and phasers will be set to exterminate.




I feel fully vindicated!