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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


The first time such a swap was even suggested appears to have occurred in 1981, when the outgoing Fourth Doctor Tom Baker was asked by a journalist what sort of man his successor would be. Apparently the actor replied, seemingly at least part in jest, “Well, you’re making an assumption that it’s going to be a man.”



Aw, that’s a shame.


Happy Christmas


Yes, looking forward to that!




I hope the bit with Bill at the end isn’t a fake out - hopefully she gets a proper “goodbye” with the Doctor.


A nice little tribute to the Capaldi era put together by BBC America.


Doctor Who and Walder Frey?


Malcolm Tucker and Walder Frey.


Thank you.


Argus Filch and Cardinal Richelieu


Some nice comments from Capaldi on the rest of the DW team at SDCC:





That’s my Cardinal Richelieu.


I keep reading this thread title as “June Whitfield is the 13th Doctor”.

Which would be awesome.


I was going to suggest Terry Scott as a companion but it seems that he is no longer with us.


I think it needs to be a multi-Doctor story.