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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Is that for real?


I don’t know, but I want it to be.

Just like this.


Never has the TARDIS console looked so dodgy… :confounded:



Somewhere in there are a bunch of woefully lost Irish priests.

While elsewhere, there is the eternal cry of “Are you free?” and “Has anyone seen my pussy?”


Maybe she won’t wear bras.


Well now, time for some research… yes, good old academic reeeesssearrrch.


Great, the Doctor is going to be one of those women. Probably won’t shave her armpits either.




So, according to this list, Peter Capaldi got paid £250k a year by the BBC for his role in Doctor Who. That’s even less than the likes of Scott Mills!


To be fair tho’, Scott Mills works five days a week, 48 weeks a year on peak time radio. Capaldi has much more free time to make money elsewhere so if you looked it it as an hourly rate then Capaldi would probably be quite higher in those terms.


Yeah, fair point. Capaldi’s salary still seems fairly low given just how popular the show is around the world.


I’d say he earns extra from licencing his image for merchandise too, which can help sweeten the pot in order to keep costs lower for budget on film making on a show like Doctor Who.


Which, frankly, I’ll take over dutifully ticking the “straight white male” box again and again (which is just as much a choice as ticking the diversity box, it’s just never framed that way).


This is why though we won’t get the huge budget Who that Jim has mentioned. Politics. The likes of the Daily Mail have demanded this disclosure and people moan even at that level of salary. US performers are in another stratosphere but even Ant and Dec on ITV will take home a few million.


Calling Star Wars equally Leia’s story is a huge reach. Luke is the emotional center of the trilogy, from the hero’s journey starting in the first film to the reveal that Vader is Luke’s father (that he’s also Leia’s father is revealed to her in an epilogue, essentially) and the efforts of Vader to turn Luke to the Dark Side, and the destruction of the Death Star and defeat of the Emperor. See, also, Harry Potter.


It’s also why some UK talent will put on an American accent and work in the US. They can make so much more money here in the States doing TV and movies.


Yup and part of that is just natural economics. The US has five times the population and therefore five times the revenue potential.
The specific BBC thing is more complex than that though. ITV and Sky have actually signed the odd star in the other direction but they don’t have the same scrutiny to control salaries. Downton Abbey (ITV) is around $1.6m an episode.


I dunno. I think the Who shoot lasts about nine months a year and has a fair amount of publicity obligations. Also I seriously doubt Scott Mills only gets 4 weeks holiday a year.


The Who shoot is way shorter than that. If my memory serves me from Russell T Davies’ book it’s 3-4 months. A radio DJ works typically 3 hours a day every day (plus prep work).
They also get massive audiences, the top shows on radio 1 and 2 get 7-10m. It’s a pretty amazing figure, equivalent to 40-50m daily listeners in the US