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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


But there’s no reason why the Doctor herself should comment on it (no Doctor has ever said “By the way, still not ginger” after their first scene), and there’s no continuity of companion to comment on it. So maybe very rarely, when she meets other figures from her history, but how many times does that happen in a series? Excluding the Master (who would have no reason at all to think it noteworthy – has he ever said “Oh, you’re Scottish now?”), it has happened exactly…zero times in the last season (I think?). Daleks remember different Doctors, but I can’t believe they would think a gender change is a noteworthy detail.

Here’s a question – do other Timelords think the Doctor is a weirdo because he’s gone so many regenerations without being a woman?


I feel like River Song is such a Moffat character that she will probably be left in the past now (barring a possible appearance in the Christmas special of course).

Having said that, I think it would be interesting to see her play off the new Doctor.

Kingston seemed happy with the casting news when she heard it:


I think in Deep Breath Missy did just that - something like “I like the new accent, I think I’ll keep it”.


It’s probably on the list somewhere.


“If you’re a Timelord how come you’re a woman?”

“Lots of planets have women.”


Well, that’s some nice timing.

Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s daughter Jenny in 2008 for the BBC1 sci-fi show, is set to return to the part for a series of audio adventures.

The actress – the daughter of Doctor Who star Peter Davison and wife of former Doctor David Tennant – is recording the stories this summer for production house Big Finish, with a release expected towards the end of the year. can also reveal that the Doctor’s daughter will have a male companion for her audio adventures: Sean Biggerstaff, the actor best know for playing Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films, will star alongside her.


It’s no coincidence, I think they were reading this thread and took Steve’s advice. :slight_smile:




Will she be called Timelord or Timlady?


She’ll be called The Doctor.


Just Tim is fine.


Timlady will be the name of the next Master.



Sadly predictable behaviour. I’m glad that the show and Whittaker aren’t dignifying it with a response.



I’m pretty sure they referred to Romana as a ‘timelord’ 39 years ago so there’s your ready made answer.


She’s Like Lana Kane from Archer with those Man Hands:rofl:


All of this must be so weird for Whittaker. I hope she’s prepared for the whole turmoil. And by prepared, I mean locked away from any and all news media and the internet.