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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Re-titled Doctor in this Dress.

In This Dress!!! Get it???



I think this probably describes every Doctor, with the exception of The Wet Vet. And Capaldi, I suppose (who’s iconic role was clearly a perfect indication that he could be the Doctor).



Part of me really wants to ask what’s going on with that, but I think instead, I shall simply walk away and be content with never knowing.


This was Gerry Anderson doing a show for a mature audience. It’s… certianly something.


Set in 1980!


I’m just starting to watch the first episode.
It’s… Different.


I’m vaguely aware of it, but none of that explains mesh shirts as a uniform, nor purple wigs as an admin accessory.


There’s a bit in the first episode where someone talks about something being as thin as a stripper’s g-string, and I was like did I just hear that? In a Gerry Anderson show?


I’m just nervously realising I’ve googled “UFO string vests” at work :worried:


So, time to speculate how the change will be handled in show?

I see two possibilities:

  1. It’s never mentioned, the new Doctor looks in a mirror, says “Thank god I’m still not ginger”, and then carries on exactly as a male Doctor would.

  2. It’s a Really Huge Deal and we’re reminded every week that I Don’t Do It Like That Now, I’m A Woman.

Which do people think it will be? And regardless of that, which do you think it should be?


I think it’ll be closer to 1 than 2, and I feel that’s as it should be.


Agreed :slight_smile:


One of the first things my daughter mentioned (when she saw the news) was that bit immediately after Tennant regenerated into Smith, where he feels his hair and says “I’m a girl!”. She thought it was funny that now the Doctor really will be a girl.

I think it’s normal for the character to comment on his new appearance when he regenerates, so I imagine there will be some kind of explicit reference here. I wonder if they will deliberately choose to mirror the real-life reaction though, and have the Doctor not immediately notice the change (or at least comment on it) - and maybe be more preoccupied with another much more minor change - but have another character react to it and make a huge deal about it.

The stuff from World Enough And Time about Timelords changing gender made a deliberate point of saying that it wasn’t a huge deal for them, so it feels like it would be natural for that to continue here.


In fun coincidences


If it becomes a huge deal in the show, they’re going about it the wrong way.


I imagine they’ll have to address the whole bra-storage question though. Maybe in the season opener.


I find it hard to believe that they wont comment on it, at least once every couple of episodes.

I agree it should just be; here’s the new regeneration, but it is a deliberate choice and they managed to drop in Bill’s sexuality every so often. New showrunner or not, I’m betting the Doctor encounters sexism on a semi-regular basis.


I agree. I think it will be particularly interesting to see whether it affects the way the Doctor is received in historical episodes (a little bit like the way they explicitly dealt with the reaction to Bill in the episode set in 1814 London).


Oh, god, they’re going to bring back River Song to comment on all of this, aren’t they?