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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Should’ve been a spinoff.

Just really, should’ve been. The Sarah Jane series worked, this would’ve too.


That’s a reasonable point of view. I haven’t seen that argument anywhere else, which is a shame.


Yeah, I always assumed that they intended to come back to the character at some point (whether in a spinoff or future story). But it seems unlikely now.

I agree it would have made for a good SJA-style spinoff.


There is a rumour banging around about a Big Finish 10th Doctor and Jenny spin-off. It could happen. Georgia Moffett has done a ton of Big Finish work down through the years and David Tennant has already done a box-set with Catherine Tate, with the Doctor and Rose set due later this year.


It was 9 years ago.

I can only assume that they weren’t planning a follow up and it was just a disposable idea. Which seems nuts to me.


It’s possible they didn’t revisit it because it was an awful episode.

I like Moffett, and the character had potential, but the story made no sense.


But she did, dynamic character, great performance, beautiful actress… what exactly do they need that they don’t have?

The will to make a spinoff I guess.


Young Dr Who


Did he though? It feels like rather than doing what’s best for the show he picked a convenient actress that he’d worked with before, someone with no previous record of pulling off such an iconic role. It feels like this was convenient casting on his part. There was no great hunt for the next Dr.

I get the feeling lots of people must have turned down the job. Not a shock considering the dicey scripts and the BBC cutting budgets. And it’s a role that’s hard to escape. Moreso than Bond even.


That sort of leads to a larger question about the series: Who is the target audience?

As I understand it, DW was originally a children’s show that evolved into a family show. I’m not a regular viewer but their are time it seems it wants to be a show for adults. If it is going to be geared for youth/family, you may not need a huge budget. I think audiences understand that a “kids” show won’t have the budget as one targeted for an older demographic.

If you want to go “bigger”, you may need to change your target audience to justify a larger budget.

Granted, I am looking at this from an American TV perspective.


As it’s a huge revenue generator for the BBC I assume they want as large an audience as possible.


I don’t know, you’re making a lot of assumptions based on… well, nothing much, really.

There wasn’t a great hunt that anyone could’ve followed before Tennant, or Smith, or Capaldi, either. It was just people speculating, and then from the BBC the news. And that was that. Just like this time.

I have my doubts about her myself, but it feels like there’s a lot of unfounded negativity here. You yourself usually tend to criticise people for being all negative without a basis.


Seconded. You only have to look at Gerry Anderson’s mixed-message UFO to see tremendous diversity (in all but the upper echelons) that was around in British SF around the time of the 2>3 regeneration. Shame about the male gaze camera work.


That’s actually a very good argument for a male Doctor. But I think it’s somewhat exaggerated when we consider that this is probably going to be the Doctor for like three seasons before the next regeneration. And I doubt it’s gonna sap interest for female-fronted sci-fi, either - having a female Doctor for a bit might actually do the opposite, by demonstrating it works before going back to male.

And that’s the thing here, isn’t it? Next Doctor after this is going to be male again. It seems weird for people to make such a big thing out of this.


This is an odd thing to be concerned about. The stories should absolutely be different for each Doctor. It’s pretty hypocritical concern too since one of the major complaints about the first seasons of both Smith and Capaldi were that there were repurposed scripts leftover from the previous Doctor used that didn’t fit them or their interpretation of the Doctor.


Moffat gradually wrote this out of 12, with him becoming increasingly passive, and resorting to naked violence with that wonder-weapon at the end.


Similar to how Tennant got the job after previously working with RTD on Casanova. I think that casting choice turned out ok.


I think it’s natural for people to be worried about the new, and to be unsure as to whether untested ideas will work. And there’s a lot of that here: new showrunner, new Doctor, first female Doctor. It’s a lot of change all at once.

I haven’t seen anything to make me believe the next series is going to be fantastic, but equally I don’t see any reason to write it off yet either.


Yeah, fair enough. It’s why I originally thought Chibnall would start with a male Doctor, to not scare people off immediately on taking over.


I honestly don’t see a problem with Jodie, having watched interviews with her - she seems like a really fun person, and she can obviously act. I’m far more worried about Chibnall for the reasons discussed by others. Hardly unfounded.