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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Colman is a strong and gifted actress who can do comedy and drama, oftentimes in the same scene. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she was offered the role but declined. I get the impression that she is probably in high demand and has her choice of roles.


I think it’s more just that it’s the most obvious aspect to focus on as part of the news. Even when you have well-known women being put into traditionally male roles, it seems to be the fact that they’re female that becomes the talking point.

See this from a year ago:

(And with that example, they can’t even use the excuse that it was the first time.)

Whittaker isn’t a particularly well-known actress but even with a bigger name I think we’d see the initial reporting focus on the gender-swap.

I look forward to the point where that kind of thing is not such a big story any more.


checking Whittaker’s IMdb page, she was in a movie with Charlie Cox. Doctor Who- Daredevil Crossover :thinking:



Some people are so pathetically privileged that I genuinely feel nauseous reading their words.

Edit: Or is this sarcasm?


If he’s not serious, he’s a perfect Poe


I digress


Here in the United States, I think the majority of Doctor Who fans are women. Most seem to have come on board during the Tennant and Smith years. Of the new fans, I’d say women probably outnumber the men 2 to 1.

I think that a lot of new Doctor Who fans probably moved into it from Harry Potter. It really seemed to take off among the under thirty crowd after the Deathly Hallows was published.


After seeing Boyega in The Force Awakens, I thought he’d make a great Doctor. He comes off as charming and likable in the behind the scenes stuff, and his Finn was sort of wild-eyed and manic. And he was a bit sinister and threatening in Attack the Block. All in all, the perfect mix of traits for the Doctor. The best Doctors are charming and eccentric, but also someone you do not want to piss off.


PATSY! Throw in Edina as the Companion and we have a show!!


Well, THAT scalated quickly.


'Feminists ruining my childhood' cry fandoms of DrWho/StarWars/Ghostbusters. Meanwhile little girls cannot safely Google My Little Pony

— Charlotte (@CharlTaylorPage) 16 July 2017


The show will just have to struggle on somehow.


Maybe he’ll re-release Doctor in Distress in protest


Some fantastic journalism by the BBC:

“The Doctor is a woman, I went on Twitter and Facebook for ten minutes and concluded nothing.”


I’m not that fussed about the actress, she’s been ok in the stuff I’ve seen but nothing more.
I’m far more worried about Chris Chibnall.
I’ve liked Broadchurch but his Who writing has been… Well… Let’s just say spotty.

It did an episode of the Nerdist writers podcast which was a really good insight to why Torchwood was the bag o shite it turned to be will post it when I’m off my phone


After Torchwood, I really was surprised that Broadchurch was so watchable, and had some decent writing.

Benefit of the doubt, I’m hoping that Chibnall will grow into it and deliver a good Doctor Who show. But I’m expecting it to be crap.


Just because he likes scifi, it doesn’t mean he’s good at it.


This is the interview I was talking about.
It’s a real eye opener about how poorly Torchwood was thought out.
And really interesting in general.


I had a second look at the Daily Mail site last evening. It had the same thing “Decision divides fans”…but for some reason they just showed the fans that thought it was a bad thing.

And they linked to an article about Jodie Whitaker having done nude scenes in a show a couple of years ago. I thought it was pretty disgraceful. I don’t remember the same thing when Capaldi was cast or Matt Smith.

Honestly, it makes me far more excited to see her as the Doctor now.