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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


This is why some of the reactions I’ve seen elsewhere of “yes, finally Dr Who is for girls!” is irksome. No mate, it has always been for girls and boys and everyone in-between and beyond.

Same goes to people diminishing the strength of the show’s female characters up to now to make this (more) important. “Finally girls can watch the show and aspire to be more than just damsels in distress!” choruses people who clearly haven’t actually watched Dr Who.


Much more likely to be down to a tough deadline and Googling Tardis images.


That’s great. I foolishly spent a bit of time reading a bunch of comments threads on Facebook and various webpage featuring a bunch of right moany bellends going “Never watching Who again! It’s ruined! They don’t get the character!” and that’s the perfect palette cleanser to all those comments.



:joy: Yep, writing for audio is a completely different mindset, and quality can vary hugely.


I watched a couple of interviews of Jodie Whittaker on Youtube and it just made me a little sad that they didn’t cast Olivia Coleman instead. She’s got that great otherworldly-ness about her. She could be 8 years old or 800 years old, she’s the kind of person that’s uniquely British and her being a woman is one of the least interesting things about her. I think Coleman would have been a far stronger choice. My problem with Jodi is simply that she’s like every other actress. She’s not weird in the way that Smith, Eccleston and Baker were. Maybe there’s a great performance within her, but it feels like lots of the successful Dr Who actors are simply extensions of themselves and their own personalities and interests, and it’s less about acting and more about being a uniquely interesting person.


Wow. I’ve spent literally years thinking it was Chibnall. No idea how/ why that happened. Bizarre.


Struggling to think of any women I know of for whom their most interesting trait is the fact that they are a woman. Or maybe that’s just me being jaded, I reckon like half the people I come across are women.


The reaction tonight from someone I’m dating:

“I thought Doctor Who was a woman!”

There were two assumptions in that sentence I had to correct.



Is it wrong that my initial reaction to the trailer was “Huh, they let Scottish Widows advertise on the Beeb now?”


Changing tack…

“Be kind”

For all I didn’t like a lot of the finale, that I liked a great deal because, generally, kindness gets slagged off, kindness is written off as weakness, kindness is deemed as the habit of a sheep when we’re told to be amoral wolves! You want to rebel? “Be kind”.

If nothing else, that should be kept for the 13th Doctor too.


Be kind said the alien who’s killed millions.


The whole world is saying “oh that’s interesting, it’ll be a woman” and not mentioning her other traits right now. Nobody is assuming that will be the most interesting thing about her, that’s just all anyone knows about her right now, and what sets her apart from anyone else.

If it was a great big fat guy, all everyone would be saying is “wow the new Doctor is going to be a great big fat guy,” but unfortunately the BBC rejected my pitch.


Billions at least. But in a kind way.


Be kind said the alien who has killed millions, saved countless billions and is trying to be better.




Just to say, I agree entirely.


I’m guessing the majority of Who fans have little to no idea who she is so being a woman is really the only interesting thing about this casting. It seems to be the only thing being discussed.


Yeah if it was, say, Tilda Swinton there would be a lot more depth to the discussion.