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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


You don’t see her opening the TARDIS doors there because, of course it’s full of bras now.


When she does get it n, we’ll have the whole issue of women drivers.


Are they also bigger on the inside?


Sounds like the 13th Doctor has hit a hitch already…


I don’t know if the show has more female than male fans, but the relaunch has definitely resonated with geek girls in a way that the original never did.


Ten is bound to be back at some stage during Chibnall’s tenure. The Six Doctors would be nice. One, Ten, Twelve and Thirteen with Sean as his da playing Three and Gatiss turning up as Six.


So I’ve been keeping out of this thread because I’m not watching the current season yet. I did finally notice the new thread title though.

So… it actually is a woman. Cool. Nice to see them finally go for a gender change!


We gave up on Broadchurch after the first season. The ending was a massive let down after being pulled out of … Well … Wherever.

The only other thing I know Chibnal for are the boring middle episodes of Sherlock.

Neither inspire a great deal of confidence in the new Who.

That being said, I do recall quite fancying Jodie in Broadchurch though, so that’ll put a weird new dynamic on the next season.


He’s got some Who episodes that vary between mediocre and decent as well.


Not to mention a whole oevre of heaps of appallingly crappy Torchwood episodes.



Funny. I think the general quality of Big Finish is atrocious (“Captain exposition, where are we?”) with the occasional super stand out. You really thing big finish hit a better quality than tv DR who?



I think we’ll see more reaction videos.

My daughter watching the #DoctorWho announcement. #doctor13 #DoctorWho13

— 🏳️‍🌈Jenny Trout (@Jenny_Trout) July 16, 2017


In Chibnal’s defence, I think that you are thinking of Stephen Thompson.

I listen to a lot of Big Finish stuff. I think that the best of the audio Doctor Who can stand proudly with the best of the TV Doctor Who. I would never argue that it’s all gold and I appreciate that it won’t work for everyone, but there is some great stuff there.


Paul Cornell’s twitter feed has had a lot of nice reactions if one is into that sort of thing.


In case anyone misses it: Who's your favorite Nu Dr Who team?


Then that’s probably reflecting our different experiences - there’s a pile of stuff I haven’t got to, Dr Who particularly, but I’ve greatly enjoyed Dalek Empire, Dan Dare and Prisoner so I’ve no reason to be suspicious.

Though, my liking for a Twelfth Doc Adventures is based far more on the Doctor-Bill combination this last series gave us, which I’d like more stories of and Big Finish look to be the only option for that.


Never mind the Doctor’s gender, is it the right Tardis?!?!


Maybe this is a hint for a special appearance at Crimbo Time!