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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Have you ever tried your kids on it or are they similarly uninterested?


I don’t think Wonder Woman would have been the same success if they changed her sex to male.

With Who they have the fact that he/she/it/whatever is an acceptable term regenerates to lean on, which is the only way that this becomes acceptable.

I can see it opening up doors for everyone to get the turn at being represented each regeneration now.


Which opens up more possibilities for the show, I think. It helps it to be unpredictable and evolve in a way that might help it maintain an audience in changing times.



I haven’t thought much about the science of Dr. Who and don’t know what is canon as that goes, but I’ve never thought of the character as strictly gender-assigned. That fact that the character regenerates to entirely new bodies seems to toss that notion out of the window to me. The character, to me, exists outside of humanity and is more about an outlook than a strict identity.

Although I’ve never liked it when they’ve gone too old or too young with the actor so maybe I’m a hypocrite.


Good old Sixy…He said exactly what I was thinking.

And I have no doubt that she’ll be brilliant.

I have to admit to having taken a quick look at the Daily Mail site…Some people are a little unhappy about the choice.


They have made a particular effort in recent seasons to include scenes (and entire plots) that make it clear that not only is gender-switching possible for Timelords, it’s also relatively commonplace.


Hope on the Internet?

That’s crazy talk!


Worth posting again!


Is it the bra thing?


I’ve already made it clear here I hoped this would happen so I’m pleased. The casting is pretty cool. I did find out via alert from the BBC on my phone though as I though I had plenty of time before the final wrapped up.

I suspect her casting wasn’t based as much on previous roles as it was her actual real life personality, you can see that she may be a kind of female version of Ten if you watch her being interviewed.


I’m auditioning for the first British-Asian-Galifrayen Doctor now (every planet has a sub-continent).


I’m now interested to see what happens with companions. Capaldi was great as it gave us a break from the whole “young pretty female looking longingly with doe eyes at the Doctor” thing. I’m now left wondering what direction they’ll now take. Hopefully not “young pretty male looking longingly with doe eyes at the Doctor”.


The companion dynamic is going to be interesting. I wonder when we’re likely to hear news on casting? Either way, we’ll be getting something new.


I just realized the bad pun inherent in sharing this image, and I promise I did not intend it.



30 years from now people will look back on this casting announcement and wonder how backwards some people could still be in this modern age.

I hope she’s at least interesting in the role. Dr Who works best when the character is weird and otherworldly.

I wonder if Dr Who has more female fans than male fans. I suspect it might after the Tennant years.


The pattern seems to be to reveal the companion about a year before they officially debut. Amy was announced in May 2009 and debuted in April 2010, Clara was announced in March 2012 and became a companion in March 2013 (though had appearances before that), and Bill was announced April last year.


I think I’d have found just about any announcement a disappointment.

Capaldi just delivered his finest season and this has been the best overall season of Who for years. I want more of the same now, rather than all change.

I know that’s not possible so it’s going to be a long game of wait and see for the next year and a bit.


I’m hoping that Chibnall’s first story is a season-long multi-Doctor arc in which Thirteen, Ten and the First Doctor team up with Rory and Prisoner Zero to solve a grisly crime in a sleepy Dorset seaside town.