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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Jodie Whittaker then.


I’m watching Le Tour, and Chris Froome has just caught his GC rivals on a near-vertical climb after losing the best part of a minute with a puncture. If anyone has two hearts…



Well I’m boycotting the show now…Absoulutely outrageous!. :yum:


Oh my god she’s not male / black / ginger / old / Belgian / a tennis player, my childhood is ruined!


Why Bankrupt Becker? He can’t even pronounce Wimbledon.


I genuinely don’t think I’ve seen Whittaker in anything. Just looked her up online and the rush to be the first person to add her casting to her Wikipedia page is hilarious. About six different, hastily typed attempts at it all nestled among each other.


Becker was so very confused when they cut back to the studio after the announcement.



Like I said earlier, she was quite underwhelming in Broadchurch, but I’m staying open-minded and am keen to see what she and Chibnall have planned for the next version of the character.


Yeah, I didn’t ride the Broadchurch wave, so both writer and actor are newish to me.


She was the female lead in Attack the Block, if people have seen that, and in The Entire History of You episode of Black Mirror with Toby Kebbell.

I also watched The Smoke, the Sky series she was in with Jamie Bamber and Taron Egarton.


Broadchurch Series 3 has recently started airing on BBC America. Whittaker never made much of an impression but when you have Olivia Colman in the same series, it’s pretty easy to get overshadowed.


I’ve seen both and forgot she was in them. :neutral_face:


Well, if nothing else it’ll be hilarious watching the right-wingers go nuts over this.

Beyond that? Chibnell remains the man who wrote Cyberboobies, he will always be that, there is no erasing it.

Maybe plot info will get my attention more substantively.


We have 15 months or so to debate all of this, let’s not wear it all out in one evening. :slight_smile:



She was in that Peter O’Toole movie Venus. She was pretty good in that.


Let’s hope Whittaker gets a better, sustained quality of scripts than Capaldi did, which to me is reason for Big Finish to do The Twelfth Doctor Adventures.


Is Chibnall’s first series scheduled for late 2018 rather than early in the year (like this year)?