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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)



Even if she does an Ecclestone.


Do you mean “Be Awesome and give an ageing and much mocked show a shot of credibility that it hadn’t had before”?

…I realise that I may like Ecclestone a lot more than other people. :smile:


Swinton would be great. Marshall seems like the most obvious choice. Waller-Bridge could be lots of fun. Whittaker wouldn’t excite me. Paterson Joseph would be inspired.

We’ll see what happens. It could be someone completely out of the blue like Matt Smith was.


You think it might be Cilic? I’m not sure he’d be up to all the running down corridors that the show requires.


Ecclestone was great. He could switch personality/mood in a flash, and he’s just so watchable.


Ok, he’s won now, get on with it.


The new Doctor’s presenting the trophy, right?


Cilic: “I hear you guys know a man who can change history?”



Jeez! Where are the grammar police when you need them? :wink:


Slow-mo shots of people clapping. They’re just taking the piss now.


Imagine if the SW:ANH medal ceremony had been this long. Space battle, droid escape, OWK fights DV, m e d a l s. :persevere:


I’ve not got the sound on. I assume Boris Becker is expounding on his love for The Impossible Planet?


This is like that episode of Father Ted when the priests want to watch Indiana Jones but get stuck with an extended Latin mass…


No but Sue Barker just mentioned the Blinovitch Limitation.


C’mon Tim!


Geez, let the tennis man have a shower already…


Everyone must hug him while he sill has the sweat of victory on him!




Ooooh. Interesting.

(They really stretched that out didn’t they?)