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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Oh, for fucksake…

It’s a brilliant joke, really excellent piece of work but it’s the material it’s working with is fucking terrible. Can’t these people grow the fuck up?


I suspect Andy from The Country and Brian from London aren’t familiar with the show at all, considering they seem to think that the TARDIS doesn’t have women or bras onboard.


I’ve just finished watching Time and the Rani, McCoy’s first story. It’s pretty mediocre. The regeneration is complicated by Colin Baker not returning and being subsumed into an amnesia plot thread, which leads to an awkward scene of the Doctor and Mel trying to prove who they are to each other. The defining character trait of the 7th Doctor here is muddled idioms, which is incredibly annoying. I’m glad that didn’t stick around. Say what you will about McCoy, but he had frantic running down pat right from the off.

I’m watching the special features now and there’s a scan of Sydney Newman’s ideas about how to improve the show from during Trial. His new companions are hilarious:

[quote]A homesick girl of 12 wearing John Lennon type Dickensian spectacles (she’s stylish); on Earth she played a trumpet in the school orchestra. Sometimes, when nervous, she plays it badly, and at other times, gives a virtuous [sic] performance. It’s the one possession she values most, sometimes it gets her into trouble when it is taken from her. Her high notes can smash glass, and sometimes signals the advance to battle or retreat from danger. Somtimes it irritates Dr Who when he’s trying to think “Hush, child! You’re addlepating me!”

It also irritates her yobo, over-confident brother of 18, who with his aerosol can graffitis the heavens. He’s headstrong, often thinks his little sister a pest, but is–[/quote]

And we’ll never know what he is, but it cuts out there.


Time and the Rani effectively killed Doctor Who. I wish they had just shown the test card instead.

Badly cast, badly written, badly directed. One decent special effect. Watching the Rani pretending to be the companion could have been funny and cool and ironic, if anyone cared at that point. Sad.


Yeah, but a TARDIS full of bras… I mean that’s a lot of bras.


Well now I’m picturing the opening of Spearhead from Space, but instead of Jon Pertwee, a high-pressure stream of bras comes flying out of the TARDIS door.


That’s exactly the kind of thing the pinko liberal PC brigade BBC wants to put in our kids’ heads. Ban this sick filth.


Not just pink, all colours of bras!


There are other colours of bras?

Truly the BRADIS is a wonderful thing.


no no, he meant BRAS - Blinovitch Repulsing Anchovy Spoons

for when you want to dine on small fish with your time travelling future self


Anybody know what sort of time Wimbledon might finish tomorrow?


Usually around five or six-ish I think. It depends on the length of the match though, obviously.

BBC One’s coverage is due to end at 18:30 as things stand.


Down with this sort of thing.

Careful now.




Interesting that Jodie Whittaker seems to be getting a lot of attention, especially with the Broadchurch connection.

But yeah, it’ll probably be Kris Marshall won’t it.


It definitely feels like there’s been more buzz this time about it being a female regeneration.

If it is Kris Marshall, that’ll feel like a rather safe and boring choice.


I’m fine with whoever they choose, it’s unlikely to be a bad actor after all.

The casting is not my worry.


Watching the Men’s Final now, it could be a bit before six that we find out. :slight_smile:


Dunno. Cilic looks like he’s about ready to pull out. Maybe we’ll find out sooner than we think.


Hadn’t it already leaked that Colin Fressel got the job?