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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


Jealous! I think I would’ve listened, even without knowing Capaldi might show up.


Well, I was listening as I was going round, but it was, to be blunt, fairly routine and stuff I’ve heard before - Molloy doing his Davros voice, talking about being in the latex, Tucker talking about making sfx bits for the old show, the poor condition many of the costumes were in after so many decades (there’s an Earthshock Cyberman suit on display which is pretty ratty and he mentioned that some original Yeti costumes had fleas). And as I said, I had a con I was going to as well (which was a bit crap, it turned out, to make it worse).

Also, it was absolutely roasting in the upstairs part of the Exhibition, where the talk was.


I went to a talk the other night (Terry Rawlings, the editor of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Alien’ was being interviewed), with a similar problem. A lot of British buildings (as has been said recently in other threads) don’t handle summer very well and this too, was an upstairs space (above a snooker hall of all places).

My solution was to drink more cold beer. :slight_smile:


A few pictures from the Doctor Who Exhibition. If you can, get yourself over there before it shuts on 9th September.


Looks like a little bit of preview footage from the Christmas special will be shown at SDCC:


Big Finish are doing a 50% off offer for the weekend on Eighth Doctor audios. This includes the Dark Eyes and Doom Coalition stuff (which I can recommend)


Was just watching the Wimbledon coverage and the too a wee add break to tell us the new Doctor will be revealed on Sunday after the men’s final.


An odd way to choose the next Doctor, but fair enough.


Good job Murray was knocked out - I don’t think having a grumpy Scotsman in the role for two doctors in a row would be a good idea.


I think Roger Federer would do a great job.


I’m hoping we at least get an Ace.


I found this sentence in the dictionary under ‘Droll’, then cut it out and put it in my wallet 'cause I loved it.


Are you sure it wasn’t under ‘dross’?



No, dross was beside a picture of Savage Garden. I cut that out and burnt it.


13th Doctor at Wimbledon, Bill at the FA cup. I look forward to the Beeb making future casting announcements at the Winter Olympics and the nation indoor bowls championship.


A Doctor Who story set at Wimbledon seems so obvious. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet…


I think the tennis final is on at the same time as the British GP. Cilic better bounce his ball enough to pad it out to finish after the grand prix does.


Do you think Fred Perry would have been that successful without ‘outside’ help? :wink: