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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


It is a great theme.


That’s the one that first struck me because it played over this section in his first episode, which is still and excellent scene that gives me goosebumps:

Gold’s work has grown on me a lot, I didn’t like it too much in the first series or two, a lot of it sounded a bit ‘bontempi organ’ but a lot of it now is great and they do seem to have toned down how loud it plays over the scenes.

An impressive part was when I read that due to some communication cockup he had to write the song that Katherine Jenkins sang in the Christmas Carol show in about 3 hours.


The 11th Doctor’s one got on my tits a bit because it was thrown in, really loud, seemingly every time he started running.

I did quite like the Doctor’s first theme, which got tied up with mentions of Gallifrey, his past and Bad Wolf. It gave all that the right kind of gravitas that the show needed when relaunching.


Some of the companion themes are quite good, and suit the characters’ personalities well.

Donna’s is quite fun, silly, and something a bit different:

Amy’s is beautiful and beguiling, but a bit sad and haunted:

And Martha’s is one that I regularly forget even existed:


I went to a talk last night and one of the guests was the costume designer for Doctor Who’s current season.

She was cagey about spoilers, but it was still an interesting interview.

I didn’t realise this but Capaldi is a bit of a love/hate figure for cosplayers. Well not “hate” but they want to get their costumes as accurate as possible and he keeps changing his!

He’s an actor for whom costume is very important, if he’s not in the right clothes he doesn’t feel like The Doctor, so he’s always looking for things that make that work for him.

That’s great for a designer but hell if you’re trying to keep up as a fan. :smiley:


That’s interesting. I think the Doctor is one of those roles where the costuming is very important, and informs the performance to a significant degree (and maybe vice versa as each actor gets more established). I realised when I posted that video with the image from series 8 just how much Capaldi’s Doctor has changed over the years (especially the hair!).

(I’ve seen lots of adverts for replicas of the coats (and other costume pieces) worn by Capaldi in the role. They don’t come cheap, but it’s a good look.)


He goes through several in this season apparently.


I can see how cosplayers are irked by Capaldi, because there’s not really a unified look. You can achieve Tennant or Smith on a budget with approximations that look just right enough or go the whole hog for screen accuracy. Doing that for Capaldi, you’re just a guy in a hoodie or a nondescript suit, really (although I’ll take that over the panto costumes of the 80s).


They want to get it exactly right, so they can achieve that for one or two episodes, but then he changes it again.

Most of the other Doctors wore the same outfit for whole seasons, or longer.


Oh, I don’t know. His initial look was quite striking and distinctive:


You would think cosplayers would also appreciate the variety, though, as it gives them so many more options to work with. I think he still has a fairly distinctive ‘look’, even if it varies in detail.


For all that S8 irritated (I bailed midway through S9), I want that coat.

One problem: It’s about £300.


The Donna theme sounds a like this track from American Beauty, or at least the underlying music does.

I wonder if they used it as a temp score?


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here, Martin. All recent Doctors have had subtle changes as they went to their costumes where as Capaldi has had at least three distinct looks that would suit three distinct doctors, already.


I may own a Black leather Peacoat just because it is like what the 9th Doctor wore…


I’m so happy that the doctor doesn’t wear a costume any more. I always relate that to the JNT era(s) I got the impression that before then the doctor (and companions) didn’t always wear the same thing.


They sort of did. It was always the same general ensemble, but with variation in specific bits. Pertwee, for instance, was always in smoking jackets and crushed velvet, but he had half a dozen different coloured suits he swapped between, occasionally wore tall boots instead of shoes, sometimes didn’t have shirt ruffles. So you’d always look at him and think “he’s dressed as the Doctor” without it being the exact same clothes. That ended when JNT took over and suddenly the Doctor always wore exactly the same pieces of clothing 98% of the time (except for Colin Baker’s changing cat badges, which are really hard to spot on his coat anyway).


Yes, that’s probably a far representation, though McCoy got his darker duffel coat i think part way though, but somehow that jumper survived.


Apparently he was going to ask to ditch it for his fourth series.


Yeah it sounds a lot like like hans Zimmer batman themes