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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


I believe it is some times referred to as a tango.


Rumour is that David Bradley will be joining Capaldi for his swan song christmas special.

Having been part of the show and spin offs in multiple parts he could be playing anyone, but we can probably guess Who he’ll be playing in Moffat’s last episode.


Argus Filch? :confused:


Walder Frey

It’s a crossover!


This ties up with my mention earlier of the rumoured spoilers from a long while back of what - or more aptly, Who - might be in the vault under the university. :slight_smile:


Actually, he will play Professor Abraham Setrakian.


Argh!!! I feel like everything has been spoiled before anything has had the chance to be.

It’s definitely not your fault though. And I definitely should watch Adventures in Space and Time.


I feel the same. And it’s the BBC doing all the spoiling. I’m not really sure why. Everybody that’s going to watch the show will watch it anyway, and the only people the spoilers will have any actual hook for are the hardcore fans who have already decided to watch it.

And you definitely should.


Just as a matter of interest, for everybody who knew that Clara had a theme, do you pay so much attention to the incidental music that you worked this out for yourself or did you read about it somewhere?

I don’t think I ever pay that much attention to incidental music :expressionless:


People know Clara has a theme because they loves her? :confused:


Or they’re so bored by her dialogue that they listen to the music more whenever she’s on screen? :confused:



No that’s definitely not it.

They loves her.


Clara’s theme is really conspicuous because it jars so much with the style of the rest of the music on the show. I noticed it mainly for that reason.

Murray Gold seems to get a lot of stick for the music on the revived version of the show, but I actually tend to think it’s mostly very good - especially the individual Doctors’ themes.

Clara’s theme was a bit too plinky-plonky* and twee for me though.

(*timey wimey)



Everyone loves Clara!



See, I didn’t even know the Doctors had individual themes :smiley:

Have no complaints about Murray Gold’s music (other than that it’s usually mixed too high), but honestly I don’t notice specific pieces enough to recall them afterwards. Maybe it’s just me :worried:


It’s probably just you. The Eleventh Doctor had my favourite theme.


Mine too.


Eleven’s is also known as “I am the Doctor”:

Twelve’s (“A Good Man?”) has always sounded a bit like a Batman theme to me. Still good though.


Murray Gold’s music has always been one of my favourite things about the show, even though they do mix it too loud. I didn’t notice that in the latest episode though, so hopefully something has changed?


Yeah, it’s very good generally (the bit of music from the end of Doomsday still gives me goosebumps) but was too loud for the first seven seasons or so. I didn’t notice it as much the last two years.