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Doctor Who Thread of Space and Time: Discussing Twice Upon A Time (SPOILERS)


To be fair, it was more about an old guy running away from aliens.

Running like a penguin with his arse on fire, at that.


But on the bright side, without Clara it’s just about an old guy fighting aliens!



You’re fired!


When Armando Iannucci noticed how funny Capaldi runs, he started writing as many scenes where he runs in The Thick of It as possible.


If anyone has paid attention to my comments on the Dr Who threads over the last few years, they’ll know I’ve struggled with it for a while now.

I really like Capaldi, but I have not enjoyed what he has been given to work with. I’ve found the last couple seasons to be a chore and often I’d lose interest before the halfway point of an epsiode and it became background entertainment for me.
I also found the epsiodes too long and was yearning for that 30 minute running time back in the days before the relaunch that always had me wanting more.

The thing is, like Star Trek, Dr Who is a show that’s always been part of my life if you know what I mean.
Both in their various guises were there when I was little boy and part of my earliest memories.

Dr Who in particular I can remember actually hiding behind our pink leather sofa on what I’m sure was a Saturday night after eating macaroni cheese, bricking it, watching what I think was Colin Baker, then Peter Davidson.

Then the Sylvestor McCoy years, which I’m sure was midweek, as I got a wee bit older, but still equally as scary (those fucking clowns!!).
It was something I watched with my mum and stepdad, in the closest to a family thing we ever really had. Then my step dad would bring home all the wonderful early stuff, that his mate from work - who was into Dr Who, Hitchikers, Blakes 7, Tomorow People and other lovely Sci Fi - would copy onto VHS for me, and the two of us would watch together, or with my younger brother. Great times and Baker was always our favourite, although I do have a real soft spot for the McCoy era.

The relaunch was a pretty exciting time for me, after years of no Who, and I loved Eccleston and Tennent’s eras, Matt Smith a bit less so, and Peter Capaldi hardly at all. When I think of it all I can see the sonic shades and the electric guitar and it’s not a good association at all.

I think the point here is, that with each new season I have renewed hope that this is the one that is going to win me back over, that I will be looking forward to each week again, not letting them stack up on my Sky Planner, like some sort of job I need to get round to.

So, 6am this morning I went to my son’s bed as he was in our and my snoring was waking my wife up and I took a real notion to watch Saturday night’s epsiode.

I have to say I loved it. Maybe I have some added goodwill here - in that I’m really willing it to be good. But it had me from the start all the way thru.
I enjoyed how it just got on with things, I quickly took to Pearl, I thought the set up between her and the Dr early on was really well played, then quickly moved onto the mystery which was pretty creepily played out at times.

Good start.


I wasn’t going to watch it because I abandoned the show a while ago, but I watched the new one on a whim and I’m glad I did. For the first time since Matt Smith left, it actually felt like Doctor Who again. The story was a pretty bog standard companion’s first story, but after the years of timey-wimey bollocks and needlessly obtuse “mysteries” that have made the show a joyless chore to watch, I was very pleased to have that back. I was also pleased that Capaldi was actually given lines to read which are true to the character of The Doctor, instead of the recent trend of him being written as an unlikable dick in an attempt to distance him from the others. I laughed out loud twice, which really surprised me, it’s been a long time since Doctor Who gave me things to laugh at. Bill seems to be a great companion; again she’s just back-to-basics Earth girl who’s bored with her life and has stumbled upon the TARDIS and wants to see space, but that formula works for me, and she has loads of charisma. I enjoyed the editing, score and special effects a lot, I’d imagine they’re allocating a good chunk of the budget to impress from the beginning and get audiences hooked off the bat, smart tactic.


Clara has a theme? :confused:


Her theme is ‘stories where she’s the most important thing in the universe’.


You know, I really wish I hadn’t “liked” any posts in this thread, because now I don’t have any way to show that I like @ChrisS 's post most of all.


This piece of cloying music that belted out whenever she came on screen.


I imagine Tim falls asleep to this every evening.


So long as falling asleep is the only thing he’s doing to it…


Agreed. I didn’t even shout at the TV, let alone throw anything at it. :innocent:


Very kind David, thanks


Huh. Well that obviously made a big. memorable impression on me :expressionless:


He’s certainly doing something that makes you sleepy to that music.


A grumpy post challenger has appeared! Gar, you really do need to make a list.


Given it’s the Doctor Who thread, there’s one standout candidate for grumpy post:


Yes he is the most grumpy one. Colin had his moments too and hartnell but Jon pertwee wins.